Rescue Journal

it is chica...

Carol  ·  Nov. 22, 2010

who is pooping the blood...not prince like i thought!
chica has an ongoing digestive tract problem...she just finished a flare up and apparently now she is having another. we will start her back on the settles her out again after a few days.


the long term guys are trying to figure out the best way to ensure they get their proper sleeping spots with the new guys horning in. jerry has to sleep on the edge of the bed up against my belly...daphne has to sleep on the edge of the bed curled up in my neck and chest. chica has to have the spot that daphne always gets so she wedges herself in halfway on top of her until she gives a few extra inches of room. angel has to sleep in the crook of my knees so she can lick my legs and joey wants what chica and daphne has but he settles for the opposite side against my neck and back.

but last night prince had my arm and my neck... alf got himself wedged in between for a very small spot, tina-fey squeezed herself into my chest area. sooo...daphne and chica had to really struggle to get in touching the upper half of me and took my back and neck and joey the little fat boy was simply shit out of luck.

i sleep on the edge of the bed for two so no one can walk passed jerry and piss him off in night and two so i can actually get out of bed with only one layer of dogs between me and the floor. but i think i will have to move over closer to the middle so there is more space on either side..i can still figure out a way out of bed but jerry might be a real pain in the ass if the other dogs think they will try walking by.

every moment of every day is filled with thoughts about making things work smoothly around eyes are always on the look out for possible problems, safety or comfort issues and my thoughts are tangled in the various strings of possible solutions.

and brenda....your bed cam is coming...
a note to all...shelley will be filming around here to make our own saints professional video over the next few months. she says you are all to ignore her when she has her camera in play. she is a fly on the wall or a potted plant! and she wants to hook up a 24 hour camera (with an on and off button) so i can share the bed buddies with you at night but shut the thing off before i start snoring..cuz we don`t want me snoring in public thank you very much.


Carol Ann

omg the blog and the comments are hilarious. What a sight that must be in your bed Carol sooo funny, and cute. I don't need a camera I can see what was destroyed while I wasn't here ha ha.I need a doggy sitter for Mr Harold cling on and Miss bad ass Precious.


I'm thrilled about the bed cam - not so much about the camera we're supposed to ignore; but a really good idea! Mo - a camera in your house would be hilarious, but sometimes it's best we don't know all that goes on while the little sweethearts are home "sleeping".


I hope all is Ok with Chica.. she was happy & looking for pets on Sunday..she is a sweetie pie and...

OMG I am so excited about the bed Cam... I have been thinking about renting something for a week & setting it up in my house.. I am dying to know what goes on when I am not there... everyone sez " oh they will just sleep " not my crew.. when I come home sometimes I wonder what the heck has been going on here & who left a half a pound of butter on my bed... Levi ?? so that's why you had a poopy bum on Saturday.. I will assume he had help getting it off the table ... Gwen

Ooops I best be more careful when I am leaving the house..