Rescue Journal

it is still too bloody cold outside but at least that horrid wind has settled down.

Carol  ·  Nov. 23, 2010

i will phone the furnace guy again tomorrow, he was supposed to be here last saturday. the electrician is coming tomorrow on my lunch break..we can only afford to get that outside plug and the fire plug repaired for now. i will talk to him about putting in hardwired wall mounted electric heaters and maybe we will have enough from the xmas donations after we pay all the vet bills to put in some of those.

i will be picking up the xmas letters/envelopes from the printers tomorrow..will have to wait a bit til some money comes in tho before we can afford to put stamps on them all...our mailing list is getting big...700 this year. it is a good thing we only do one mail out a year!

we have been down one staff person for the past 2 days, luckily the douglas college vet assistent students were here to help out today! we are also going to be short one person on thursday but that is not a big issue cuz i am on a day off and can whip thru the mp building guys on my own.

well...laura is visiting with the bed buddies and keeping them entertained right now..i am thinking i can have a quick hot bath before anyone notices i am gone!

REMEMBER THE BAKE SALE IS ON FRIDAY!!! laura is picking up from here the baking i am collecting from maple ridge wednesday early evening so if any one needs to drop stuff off here, earlier on wed would be good.


Carol Ann

haha I'm sure dusty really enjoyed your banana bread. Mine and someone elses goodies were left on the TV didn't look like they could reach (I hope)


Be careful where you leave the baking in the MP room. Last time I left a banana bread on the counter (I thought it was safely far enough back) Dusty decided to help herself. Glad she enjoyed it.

Carol Ann

i left my baking in mp room on wed around 12;30 told ryan. had to move fast harold was screaming when i left. I came home to poop everywhere lol i was punished for leaving him. lol


Also Laura, I'm going to drop off the coocked samosas
on Friday morning.


Can you please email me the newsletter also so I can send to the people who came to the fundraiser in Sept.
I will try to only send to who I think isn't on the email list.