Rescue Journal

arghhh...i can't breathe!

Carol  ·  Nov. 25, 2010

apparently my cold took offence to my "fighting off" comment and came in for the kill at 4 am this morning. and i am not sure if it is warming up in here or if i am running a temperature...whatever..i don't feel cold anymore so that is good news!

since we are short staffed today..i am trying to figure out which area i can manage to clean with the least amount of physical effort..i was going to do the mp building but i am thinking bending over to do the rabbits might make my congested head explode...and that would be gross.

anyway...don't feel too sorry for flu/cold and sinus stuff is a mere dozen steps away in the bathroom. i just haven't taken any yet cuz it is for daytime and i am having a hard time convincing myself that today is actually already daytime and not still the night.

i think i want it to still be night time.

nothing much happening around here this early, except i notice mandy has a poopy butt...i should do something about it...eventually..but not right now.


Carol Ann

does Andy live near me ? phone if you need me to come over my number is on board in kitchen :)


ok well i am going to go kill myself now since we are down 2 staff. there will apparently be no avoidence of hard physical labour today.
rescue pretty much sucks.


Hey Carol, i'm really sorry but I dont think i'm able to get a ride up today, we live on a side street with a really bad hill and my mom can't even get out of the driveway. I'm still trying to find a ride and I'll let you know if I manage to. Sorry again.