Rescue Journal

below is what i consider a no fault surrender...the wife is right..with a three year old all over the carpets and is a bit of a hygiene issue cuz dad can't always be around the second the poop falls out of the cat.

Carol  ·  Nov. 28, 2010

I have a cat that I have to surrender. He is about 11 hrs old and I have had him for 3 years. For the past year he has been dragging his anus and leaving marks on our place. His stool is soft and it falls off his anus throughout our place. I have taken him to the vet but nothing is working. My wife is now making me get rid of him. We have a 3 year old son and she thinks it's unhygienic even though I clean up after him. I was wondering if you had space for him or had a suggestion for what I could do?

some animals are difficult to manage in your average family home..that is why i built this place...wee hopeful bug taught me that...she was such an incredibly lovely sweet cat!
hmmm..what to do? what to do?..i think i will do nothing right now and think on this one for awhile.



Scooting is an every day occurrence in my home! Shockingly enough it is not obese megacolon Nudge but little skinny old Jenny Two who has now taught hole in the heart kitten Hercules to do it! What a bunch of scooting misfits around here. I have a cream carpet too................Nice.

Louise Z.

I also ditto the diet change. Also, is the cat too fat? Obese cats can't clean themselves, hence the bum "scooting". My 23lb cat scoots every once in a while....Also, have they had their vet check/express their cat's anal glands?


Ahem - many dogs would consider this to a treat dispenser. Kind of like a walking Pez candy thingie.....

Seriously though, I'd wonder about neuro issues which are affecting sphincter control; also megacolon can present like this in people. And I ditto the diet change....


I took on a 16 year old diabetic, hyperthyroid cat from a client of mine last October for the same reasons. I changed his diet and his poo firmed up nicely on Sensitivity RD (dry food) and digestive enzymes in the food. The owners (or rather the husband) did not want him in the home when he found some poo on the floor and the baby was at crawling stage. Their (the family in your post) child is three already and not exactly crawling now. How have they managed so far and what have they tried? I only had Molson for 7 months before he died suddenly from a blood clot (and a broken heart). I did my best for him but all he really wanted was to be back with them.