We did not make it into the semi finals for the Aviva Fund

Sheila  ·  Nov. 28, 2010

We came in around 620 votes and about 50th with about 580 ideas competiting. What I saw that wasn't on the public board was the amount of people who were supporting the idea and it was 180. The 180 was a slow build over the 10 days. To even come close to getting into the top 10 we needed those 180 supporters on day one and then some. To get the momentum of those supporters from day one we needed to have started campaigning before the actual voting started and I believe started in round one. Although even then I am not sure if we could have made it into the top 10. The number one spot had over 5,900 votes when I looked an hour before the competition ended. And number 10 spot had I think over 2000 votes.

Carol and I were both reluctant to put in a project for chickens because we didn't think it would garner enough votes. Well were well within the top 10% percantile so I think we did okay.

I like that this project had the actual votes but I think the pepsi challenge with only 60 organizationse to compete against is easier odds.



Great job, Sheila! I think just getting the message out there is what's important and, as you said, SAINTS placed very well relatively speaking.


it was worth the shot and it did give us the opportunity to promote a more compassionate and respectful view of the quality of life for our egg bearing friends.
thx for pulling it all together on such short notice represented the chickens very well!


I respect Shady that you said you voted for someone else. good for you.


and good for you! i hope your TNR group made it into the is important work that you do.


Aviva was tougher. Because you only got 10 votes for 10 days and had to prioritize what cause was most important. I'll be honest, I supported a rescue that I actively volunteer with and who are going to spend the money on their TNR program, which is well-deserving and in great need of the funds. I'm not saying SAINTS isn't and I'm sorry you didn't make it but I had to choose.