Rescue Journal

the power was out this morning so no am post.

Carol  ·  Nov. 30, 2010

i took the day off over in the hideaway suite really is not working all that great..i still am having a real issue with coughing...resting does not seem to be helping and i am actually resting most of the day.

but it is better for me to be over there cuz i do feel myself getting bitchy for no apparent reason..too many days of not feeling well..too many nights of not sleeping. the best thing i can do for everyone around here is go away and hide somewhere til everyone goes home for the day.

the DC vet assistant students were here today so at least there were lot's of helping hands floating around so i don't feel the least bit guilty for doing sweet bugger all.

but i am glad to be home again..not that i actually went anywhere except 20 feet over there..but i did miss the guys in the house so i am glad to be back here again. frodo was quite pleased tho to have me all to himself again. tomorrow is my last shift at work until saturday...but i can't go back yet..i am still coughing my lungs is totally obnoxious and gross. HOPEFULLY by the weekend i will be better cuz this whole sick thing is starting to wear a bit thin.

ok...maybe my congestion is lessening...i am smelling not so nice air..i better go figure out where it is coming from and make it smell better in here.