Rescue Journal

all they want for christmas is...

Carol  ·  Dec. 1, 2010

a very special home.

mo is working on a couple of different home possibilities for kia. bonita will be going in a couple of weeks and probably pixie will be too. dee has had an interested inquiry, and the volunteers tell me they are working on a couple of possibilities for chester and alf and maybe even jelly bean. it would be nice to get some of these guys out and settled in great homes of their own before christmas..that would be the best gift they have ever gotten...a forever wonderful home.

hootie has her re-booked dental next week and sydney will raring to go then too...these two little sweet and funny dogs are going to bring a great deal of joy to someone out in the real world.

i think from now on each year before xmas, we should be concentrating on giving our guys the best gift of all...a solid gold home of their own.

it would be a great gift for we caregivers too...seeing our guys happy and safe in a family that truly loves them....that would be a really great xmas gift.

and whoever finally adopts little bambi is going to have so very much there is a dog who takes all of the many superficial strikes against her and turns them into a truly great and amazing one of a kind dog.

sweetie is waiting, and merry is waiting, and hilda is waiting..and so are some great cats like winter, bart, jake, snickers, mia, maxine, tasha, and sweet and shy bobby brown.

will this christmas be their very best christmas ever?..i hope so for at least some of these incredible animals... i wish it could be for them all.



if you are more than wishful thinking out loud, talk to me about it on the weekend...but just so you know...sweetie is incontinent and she hasn't had her vet assessment yet either.

Carol Ann

I will take SWEETIE in a heart beat. Precious has settled down a lot since Harold came. He has been a wonderful influence on her with his quiet demeanor.