Rescue Journal

the one advantage to late night coughing fits is...

Carol  ·  Dec. 1, 2010

the dogs get an extra time or two out. but even that is a very small consolation cuz it is only the ones who are continent and not going to pee in the house anyway who actually want out.

plus since i am avoiding the unpleasantness of laying down again..i might as well do some updates.

misty the 15 yr old peeing couch cat has made the adjustment to saints pretty well. i will not say she is hugely happy about this but she is coping with dignity and grace. she is a really nice cat, likes to be petted and have her chin rubbed...she moved out of her holding cage, quite awhile ago but we still can't break it down cuz she likes to lay on top of it and look around.

bart, the other newly moved house cat is also doing fine. he has popped over the gate into the kitchen to quietly sit and look around a few times now. i really like this cat a lot...he reminds me of so many really great black or black with white street cats i have had in care in the past....good, solid, curious but contained personalities just openly waiting and accepting any kindness that comes their way.

james bond is starting to show his extreme elderly age..he pretty much confines himself to the kitchen sink counter now. he is much happier that i am buying him milk again...and so is our ancient little stripe. they really look forward to my opening the fridge and a couple of nice little bowls of milk appearing before them.

chester has become a staff and volunteer favorite and because he is so unique looking everyone instantly recognizes him. he really is a very sweet cat and his crossed eyes just make him adorably cute.

even tho hootie and sydney came in together from the same cruelty seizure..i doubt they ever saw each much except for breeding. but they have turned into the best of little friends so now we are wondering how far their friendship will grow and if we have to consider them a bonded pair yet.

little bambi is such a funny dog..this morning she was zooming around the kitchen and computer room playing with jelly bean..that was pretty ancient, flabby, shaved, toothless shitz with her tongue hanging out to her knees leaping and twirling circles around jelly, the stocky, bucket headed and ever playful rotti cross. jelly is back to her old self...miss cheerful, miss playful, miss oh..was i not supposed to rip up my big pillow bed???..i thought it was a jelly bean toy. i do let jelly pop thru here whenever i am letting the dogs in and out.. and as long as she doesn't stay too long..she is more interested in me or saying hi to everyone else than she is in guarding the food bowls. but once she starts settling down and counting kibble..i pop her back into the entrance way and she can count her kibble in there that she has tossed all over the floor.

the LA dogs all settled in well and made themselves right at home. i notice tonight that sweetie is very slightly favoring her front leg...i am not sure if it is her shoulder or the leg itself. but since now she is asking to come up on the bed and i am lifting her up when she asks....sometimes she decides she wants off the bed and if i don't notice, she does jump down on her own. she should use the stairs..that is why they are there so these little old dogs don't injure themselves while practicing their independence as much as they can.

oh well...the bed itself was a big scary issue for her we can work on her conquering using the stairs.

when i came back over here from my rest time over in the hideaway suite...i heard this sweet little pathetic barking which sounded unfamiliar. i was wondering who it was so i went looking and little maybe had been forgotten and was still in her feeding crate...ooops. anyway, maybe never sounds sweet or pathetic...she mostly is either quiet or making slurping noises trying to get her tongue back into her head or if she is making actual vocal sounds...she just normally sounds pissed off and mad. it was weird to see her pretending to be vulnerable and actually asking nicely for help. as soon as i let her out tho she went right back to alternating between snarling and slurping with the occasional quiet moment tossed in for good effect.

well..i should try to go back to bed... maybe i will go try laying down again..i feel bad because my violent and frequent coughing does disturb the bed guys...i may just have to move back over to the suite one of these nights so i quit disturbing their rest.

except...fodo has started glaring at me when i start coughing...i bet tomorrow if i spend the day with him he might start biting me hard to make me stop...he is funny like that.



No monster stories... I was thinking more along the line of bronchitis. As long as your cough isn't productive, a cough suppressant (got any codeine?) would go a long way to giving you a better night's sleep. Anyways, I hope you feel better soon. :)


sounds suspiciously like the monster in the closet tales you used to tell me to get me to do whatever it was you wanted me to do.
i have been to the doctor recently..i even had an xray and a bone scan and all they found was arthritis in my lower back. so my ribs should be pretty healthy!


"well..i should try to go back to bed maybe i will go try laying down again..i feel bad because my violent and frequent coughing does disturb the bed guysi may just have to move back over to the suite one of these nights so i quit disturbing their rest."

You should go see your doctor. You might benefit from the short-term use of a steroid inhaler and/or a prescription cough suppressant. Two January's ago, I had a bad cold including a very nasty cough. I ended up cracking a rib...ouch! I wish I'd seen my doc BEFORE I cracked that rib. :-(


LOL! The comment about Frodo makes me laugh. My ex-roommate's cat would climb up on the couch behind me while I was doing yoga, finding my inner zen. There wasn't a lot of space so I was quite near the couch while downward dogging and Tarquin decided that he didn't like all this bending and stretching. So, he simply reached over and bit me when he'd had enough. Apparently, humans doing yoga do not contribute to his zen. Like Frodo, he knows how to keep the primates in line.