Rescue Journal

i would be happy to vote for you guys..and so will a bunch of others around here i think too..thx for the reminder cuz i stopped voting altogether when we got knocked out..ooops and sorry!

Carol  ·  Dec. 2, 2010

Hey Carol,
I recognize this is inappropriate (especially as a usual lurker) but we need the money and I’m willing to risk some inappropiatness for the cats. I mentioned in another comment that I supported a different animal rescue organization for the last round of the Aviva Community Fund and we were lucky enough to make it into the semi-final.

So I’m hoping that we can get your support as SAINTs is unfortunately not in the running. The link is and the website of the organization is

Thanks for reading.


Marion J

You have my 10 votes also..I am in Mississauga & know of your good works Marion J.


I live in Toronto and can vouch that Toronto Cat Rescue does a wonderful job saving a vast number of cats, often from a very terrible kill shelter. Good luck!


i just sent you some $$$ for ziggy's vaporizor... i have and extra one of those $90.00 guaranteed-to-trip-surge-protector/power-strips here so if you would like it for the barn i would be happy to send it to you. i put 2 stamps on the letter so i hope that's enough to get it to you. if it hasn't arrived in a week please let me know and i'll send another one.


yes pasting the comment is good. But if there is a link in the comment you need to do to the end of it and press the space bar and that will activate it. You often ask me to "fix your links" now I am just giving the know how (because it is very easy--press the space bar after the link) to do it yourself. You know in case I am not around one day ...


huh? i just cut and pasted the full comment..i have no idea how to fiddle around with links.


I had already voted for TCR before this was posted (since SAINTS didn't reach semi-finals) and will continue to vote each day till my 10 votes are gone.


mom, I fixed your links. All you need to do to make links active is press the space bar after them. By active I mean, you can click on it and it will take you to the webpage.


i don't think it was inappropriate at all....."i will vote for you if you will vote for me," that i don't feel comfortable with..but simply asking for help for the cats in your care without making string attached deals?..that is fair and good...i looked at your guys have a lot of cats to care for...this is a very simple thing for any of us to do to support your good work!


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I can't say how awsome it is to have your support (and to not be called out on my inappropiateness :)


Ann C

Ditto, Tony & I have both voted and will for the next 9 days....fingers crossed for you.