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murphy's law...again.

Carol  ·  Dec. 2, 2010

if you feel not well and are struggling to get things done..murphy will do his best to make it even harder on you.
renee did come in and work a part day and got almost everything done....i am so thankful for this. her grandma went into hospital last night and renee is really worried about her but still she came in to help us out!

good thing too cuz i would have been totally screwed in here on my own.

i noticed this morning that forrest was struggling to pee just a few tiny drops. shit! i booked his bladder stone surgery for next wednesday..what if he was obstructing today??? anyway i rushed him down and they snapped a quick xray..the very large stone is still in his bladder and he has several tiny ones already in his urethra. he might obstruct but he hasn't yet..his bladder is empty so one way or another..peeing frequently little drops is doing the job right now so his surgery date will stay the same. we got his pre-op bloodwork done so at least that is taken care of. and now he is back home, happily playing with his balls peeing a few drops at a time.

while i was trying to clean the big dog room..i suddenly noticed a bunch of bloody paw prints scattered around the floor. i followed the trail right to sweetie and had a look at her paw. what the hell? it looked like the big foot pad had totally was just a bloody mess of raw tissue. so we hosed her foot off in the sink, wrapped it up in a clean sock and i trundled her right down to the vets and seriously hoped no one would kill me.

anyway the vet kindly looked at it, gave her an epsom salt soak and re-bandaged her up...sweetie has a mass on her foot that suddenly decided to break open. the vet has put her on antibiotics and wants us to keep that bandage on til she sees her again in five days. she said it may be a chronic foreign object granuloma or it might be a cancerous tumor. she will decide on the re-check if we need to biopsy but she thinks that we will. she said that if it is malignant, that we will surgically remove it and sweetie will probably lose at least one of her toes too. i was wrong..she did not hurt her leg or her shoulder from jumping off the bed like i this stunned seemed at the time, more a likelihood then a big freaking tumor inside the pads of her foot.

when i finally got home and renee was just taking off...she said that the pipe under the sink had broken right apart. oh yeah..brenda told me on sunday it was leaking and then i forgot. anyway, i called the plumbers and am just waiting for them to show up.

shelley was here getting some video of all of our favorite guys..i saw a couple she got of the bed buddies which are GREAT and she said she got some really good ones of percy and the barn yard guys.

molly is feeling better today, she is weight bearing on that leg again and it looks much less angry...but it is still pretty big so we need it to start to shrink before i feel any real sense of relief.

the saddest part of today was a call from the maple ridge vet...jelly's pathology on her tumor is back. it is a high grade malignancy. the good news is the tumor had good healthy margins and doesn't appear to have infiltratred her lymph nodes. we will do a chest xray pretty soon and see if there is any sign of mets in her lungs. but this puts jelly is a pretty hard place..she may be terminal...she may not any one is going to want to adopt her with such a big question mark floating over her head.

awwww..poor jelly..she really should have a great home of her very own...not that she cares too much, she really does like me a lot...i let her get away with all kinds of happy jelly fun crap like ripping up beds and tossing her food all over the floors.



Hey Carol,
I recognize this is inappropriate (especially as a usual lurker) but we need the money and I'm willing to risk some inappropiatness for the cats. I mentioned in another comment that I supported a different animal rescue organization for the last round of the Aviva Community Fund and we were lucky enough to make it into the semi-final.

So I'm hoping that we can get your support as SAINTs is unfortunately not in the running. The link is and the website of the organization is

Thanks for reading.


hey carol ann..i sent dionne a couple of emails and haven't heard back from her..can you please ask her to check her junk email, maybe they went into there. thx!

Carol Ann

aww poor dogs they have so much to deal with but they are tough . If i can help with sweetie let me know cause i'm serious about wanting her. I just hope precious agrees. Harold is at vets today I will pick him up later.