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guilt is pushing me back to work tomorrow...

Carol  ·  Dec. 3, 2010

common sense is telling me to keep my nasty germs at home. oh which one will actually win in this...hmmm..i think i will call work and talk to them to see if there is anything for me to do that does not involve seeing immuno compromised sitting at the freaking desk and answering the gawd darn phones.

i so hate that job.

big bambi has been so good for the past few days...but all good things sometimes do come to an end. not sure if this mornings rumble was actually her fault tho...i think jelly bean got this one going cuz she was getting anxious over watching dee eat out of the kitchen food bowl.

when i let bambi back in, jelly got pissy over her own empty bowl that she had just finished emptying...bambi said..hey listen you uptight food freak..don't you go getting all pissy with me!
and the argument was did not progress to the use of their teeth cuz i was standing right there giving them both shit.

jelly did not care that i was getting mad at her...she was utterly convinced that bambi was looking into her empty food bowl.

but bambi was upset that i was mad at her and it was jelly beans fault so when i sent her thru the kitchen she started her gawd awful screaming her defence of her self while following me all over. i sat down in the computer chair and told her it was fine..i laid my hand gently on her back while i read my email and bambi escalated in her "i am REALLY upset" frenzy until that freaking fat shrieking dog actually climbed up on my lap!

fer chrissakes bambi i said everything is fine now!

she finally got it thru her head that what was over was over and she could let it all go so now she is quietly laying at my feet which i like much better then her screaming and climbing all over me.

geez jelly..quit yanking the chain of the hysterical gave me a headache already today.

What I'd do?



oh..and we should tell everyone that harold finally had his last pelvic xray and both of those displaced fractures have healed really well...yay harold!!!

Carol Ann

Carol that was hilarious. Harold is feeling good this morning ate a good breakfast of rice and dog food. yumm

Jenn Hine

yes it is a nice phrase but what I really like is the visual of the booty-queen climbing up on your lap. Like she is absolutely NOT a lap dog! ahaha


"Quit yanking the chain of the dingo." Love it!! I'm turning that into a new colloquialism. If my boss gives me attitude at work, my response? "Oh, quit yankin' the chain of the dingo, for godsakes."

Children acting up at home? Why not ask them to "quit yanking the chain of the dingo."

It's such a versatile phrase!! Good job, Carol.