Rescue Journal

sniffle, sniffle...cough, cough.

Carol  ·  Dec. 5, 2010

the vet popped up to see forrest today cuz we are paranoid freaks and thought he might be obstructing..she said he was ok today but we should bump up his surgery day to tomorrow morning just in case. she is so very good to us.

i let wilbur out for a little bit, late this afternoon...he was a little bit freaked out and took a very tiny bit of gentle convincing to go back into his room for his dinner. he is such a sweet little pig..i forgot how much i really liked him but i am remembering now. brent fixed his door for us so it is no longer solid wood but has a big wire window to see out. i think that way he can have his privacy and yet kind of get used to everyone coming and going without feeling too closed in or too overwhelmed.

jenn`s camera is broken again so she is pretty bummed out..she missed a whole bunch of photo ops today which just pisses her off. one of these days when i am rich...i will buy her another one....but not right now.

i went out and bought myself some chicken noodle used to make me feel better when i was it just tasted disgusting so apparently that didn`t work. i had a hour nap before barn bedtime and i feel like i could go do it again..the nap...not the barn stuff.

it was as usual a great weekend with the weekend warriors..i feel kind of guilty cuz i did diddly squat and they did all of the work.

we are welcoming dionne to the saints staff caregiving team...she will take over the barn areas in a couple of weeks.

i think the volunteers should post in their warm and fuzzy weekend stories in the comments for you.... cuz i can`t think of anything cuz i still feel like shit.

and besides..i too would like to read will give me something to do that does not involve moving so that would be good.



my funny moment was when I walked into the barn to say hi to herman and his head was burried in the straw and so when he popped his head out he looked like a strawman(pig)

Carol Ann

I might be prejudiced (for obvious reasons) but I'm so happy about dionne becoming a member of the caregiving team at SAINTS because I know how much she cares and will always do the best she can. Thanks Carol and my funny episode on Saturday was when Hootie held Sidney down and gave him a tongue bath. lol