Rescue Journal

the more the merrier...not.

Carol  ·  Dec. 6, 2010

this morning while i was doing the diabetics, i thought wow! we are finally down to only three with dee's finding a home of her own. we went down to three with caspar's leaving for his new home, but dee arrived within a day or two and we went back up to four. we never seem to be able to get below four.

so i was kind of enjoying only having to feed and poke three..that was a real treat for me.

new incoming..the pound called and they have a deaf, blind, bloody urine, and can't walk dog.
sorry, but i seriously much more wrecked then that can you get and still be alive? anyway she was up at their vets and they were scoping out possibilities for her depending on what was wrong.

well what is wrong with her is she is ketonic..her bloodsugars don't even rate on the scale...anything over 31 just reads HIGH. so the vets are switching over the billing to saints, they have her on IV's and are trying to stabilize her blood sugars. once she is stable our fourth diabetic will come here. and that would explain the blood in her urine, the fact she can't walk and is probably the cause of her blindness as well.
poor dog.

sheila and leila...she is a blind, deaf, yellow lab luke dog! and now that you can do scrappy's insulin..i would say this could very well be the match of the century..seriously....what are the chances of that?????

but hey... no pressure here.

anyway..this poor old, deaf, blind, diabetic dog needs a everyone put your thinking caps on.

the new spca cats are in..sort of. cliff is the feline leukemia cat...he is already at our vets waiting for a neuter and a dental tomorrow.....he is a young and GORGEOUS medium haired tabby and white cat.
olivia is in a holding cage in the medical room...she is a very shy PB siamese girl. she is going to be much too shy for the house. she is FIV positive and the note at the bottom of her paper works says she might be pregnant...i guess i better look into that asap.

forrest has had his bladder stones surgery and as far as i know he did ok with it. i will probably be able to bring him home tomorrow i would hope.

we alternated herman and wilbur out for awhile each today. we will give them some time to get used to each other before we try them out together.

this may well be the last of my days with only three i guess i better really appreciate anything less than four pokes tonight.



um you did have a dog named jenny and since I go by jenny at work I had no idea when someone was calling me or her!


can't name dogs after our volunteers daughters...our daughters would all kill us if we started doing that!
here jenn..sit jenn..hey don't pee on the floor jenn!
plus... it might get confusing.