Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Dec. 7, 2010

well..the new dog has been named by the clinic staff....they have named her wilma which is fine with me cuz we have not had a wilma as of yet. i am meeting with the vet there to go over her plan of care late this afternoon and bringing her home. i have decided to blend her into the mp room with dusty and will take awhile but that is the best and most stable environment here for another large deaf and blind senior diabetic.

forrest is home from his surgery..they shaved him down so he looks like a totally different dog now. we are to keep him quiet and make sure he is peeing.

cliff is ready for his vet pick up..he did well with his neuter and had that broken tooth extracted. we repeated his felv testing and he is still positive and apparently his liver and spleen are very enlarged.

i spent most of today so far napping in the suite...i will do the same tomorrow and really try to kick this freaking cold.



Forrest is an unbelivebly nice sweet dog, I can't wait until until he is all healed up & ready to be back out with the barn buddies... he will make someone a wonderful companion. Hmmm I am excited to see him all shaved down too.. he looked like a mop last week-end

francesca Wilson

OK, Carol, I am being neurotic. Just want to make sure you got my previous message that Marie is sick and we cannot come tomorrow. So sorry. See you on Saturday.

Ann C

Wilma?? That reminds me of the Flintsones - sorry crappy name no offense to all the Wilma's out there. I'm calling her Sugar cause she's a diabetic and everyone knows Labs are super sweet!! And I haven't meet her yet but she's already my favourite so that will be my pet name for her LOL