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Wouldn't it be nice ...

Jenn  ·  Dec. 7, 2010

Hootie and Sydney were rescued from an Abbotsford puppy mill by the BC SPCA. November 6, 2010 they were transferred over to Senior Animals In Need Today Society (SAINTS) in Mission, BC. They love to play together. Wouldn't it be nice if they could always play together?

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... ooopsies at first I was spelling his name Sidney and then I realized his name is spelt Sydney. Oh crap, my mom is giving me it for miss-spelling the dogs names ... FYI its Hilda NOT Hilga haha. She got a nice hair cut by the way.



oh and look at the new guy Forrest ... he still has a forest of hair. Such a cutie.

But what is in a name anyhow?


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I mean wouldn't it be nice ...


Francesca Wilson

Carole, hope you get this message. Marie is sick and we cannot come tomorrow. We will be there next Wednesday. So sorry about this. I will be there on Saturday.
Thank you


How amazingly happy these two seem to be! I'm so happy they're away from their horrible start to life and in a much better place! An wonderful video - thanks for sharing!


Well that started my day off with a smile! You couldn't have found a more appropriate song either. Wonderful video. Great job Jenn!

Carol Ann

oh if someone is smart enough to give them a home they will fill their home with joy. they are adorable and loving and you would never know they had such a hard life I will miss them but i wish them a wonderful loving home.

Jenn Hine

haha thanks Laura, yes that is the idea--for them to go together--as the song indicates I think that would be nice! haha.


lol..i think it is funny when the old gals (hilda and maude)do the walk by's to see what the hell those young whippersnappers are doing..and then just keep on going cuz they don't want to be involved.


Awesome if that doesn't find those 2 cuties a home...
You need to do up more indivdual videos like this featuring our adoptable ones....yeah Jen!