Rescue Journal

potty talk

Carol  ·  Dec. 8, 2010

i am waiting for my pillows to dry...cuz i washed and bleached them tonight and i had already changed my bed this morning so everything should have been great when i finally decide that it is bedtime.
except...there is a whole little thin line of daphne pee right across the top of the bed..she was obviously running trying to get off in time. and if i wasn't so frustrated, i might actually feel sorry for her.

anyway..luckily joey had been burrowing and pulled the top sheet and blanket back from her line of fire so i only have the bottom sheet to wash again, not the whole gawd darn bed.

i got it all sorted out and am still waiting for my pillows to dry when i went back into my room and for jeezus freaking sakes....griffin had literally exploded loose little tiny plops of poop all over the big dog room. there was like a hundred of them. why the hell can that dog not stand still whenever he has to poop? just because he is blind does not mean he has to be spastic. i think moving and pooping at the same time is a personal choice, not a necessity.

larry's congestion and breathing are getting quite a bit better, the lasix must be doing it's to come on so either is an aspiration pneumonia or it is cardiac failure. i guess tomorrow the vet will tell us which one. in the meantime, larry just peed a lake.

ok..i think my pillows should be dry now..i better grab them and get into bed before anything else happens to wreck bedtime tonight.

i should have chosen to rescue continent dogs....duh.

oh...and i got my cell phone back...laura was right, it got stuck part way down. but it is still broken so it might as well have gone all the way then i wouldn't have needed a rubber glove to struggle for like 15 minutes to free it.

sigh..this whole freaking night has literally either gone to the dogs or part way down the freaking has pretty much sucked.



OK... you need to start a list of "Life at SAINTS quotes", and this one should definitely make the Top Ten:

"...i think moving and pooping at the same time is a personal choice, not a necessity..."