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Jenn  ·  Dec. 9, 2010

my new camera. My old one crapped out (again) and shows no signs of life. I was all ready to just buy the same version of my camera and then I had an epiphany--why not upgrade? So here is the deal, there are 3 categories of SLR camera: (1) the basic or entry models $500-$800 range (2) the advanced models $1000-15000 (3) the professional models $3500 plus. You basically double your price every time you go up a category. I formerly has a basic model that was 2 years old (Canon EOS XT Rebel). If I had gone for the equivalent of mine now it would be the XS model. BUT I did not go for the same. Nope I didn't. I upgraded because why not? (besides my bank account being empty from just buying snow tires and going on vacation). It is my hobby, I love it and don't the saints deserve to have nice pictures take of them? Also Shelley bought me a one year FlickrPro account so I need to be able to take nice pics to put them up against the pros.

Soooo are you curious what I got???? ***HAPPY DANCE**** I got the new Canon 60D. It is a nice camera in the "advanced" category and it shoots HD video too. It also comes with a very, very nice lense that is 18mm to 200mm. This lense alone retails at $799.00. So how could I not buy it! Now I have three lenses so of course I had to get a new camera bag to store it all in. Thank goodness for credit cards.

I am still learning how to use my new toy but let me present to you my first shots with it ...

this is my favorite pic. it is daphne the determined daxi yelling at me to stop taking her picture and throw the dam ball!

here pheobe is frozen in anticipation for a cookie I am holding up ... its the only way to bestill this red whirling wonder

here esther is also all eyes on the cookie I am holding

here is one of the newer cats Black Bart. and OH those eyes!

here by popular demand is reggie Photobucket

and perdy

**check out the post below RE: the Bark & Fitz Santa Pics***


Carrie Rule

I miss you so much Reggie!!!
I look at ALL the pictures that Carol takes of you.
We (the girls and I)think about you often.
Wish I could hold you this Christmas.
Love your old mommy


Roff it is true their long bodies complicate things but also the fact they are rarely still and quiet too! haha.


Good luck with the new camera Jenn.I'm struggling with a similar decision and the 60D looks like a good choice. Like the others, I look forward to many more great photos.

(And if you ever can figure out the right perspective to photograph daxis, please let me know. Daphne always looks great, but the long body complicates the shot. I have two daxis, lots of great face shots, but not a great overall.)


I know nothing about cameras, but you sound so excited and happy - Good for you! and good for SAINTS!


haha to the annoyance of my kitties I was practicing on them all day today ...


so how is the learning to use the new camera going...i bet you will be all up to speed and pointing and shooting that thing by the weekend!