Rescue Journal

we had a sick call today

Carol  ·  Dec. 9, 2010

so i have been puttering around the house in between vet runs. hootie is in maple ridge..she did well with her dental but had 14 full extractions (ouch! poor hootie!!!) and i will pick her up in the morning when i bring jelly and prince in for their re-checks. peter had his dental; in mission here...and i have just picked him up and brought him home, he only had 2 extractions so that is good.

everyone who cleans the back cat rooms will be happy to know that i got the guys to pull out those ripped and pissed on leather chairs (which used to be truly lovely when i bought them for tally by the way!!!) and i have replaced them with 2 new old CHEAPO chairs that so far have not been ripped up and pissed on a million and a half times. i also found a little thomas the train toddler bed which we put in the other back cat room and is already a huge hit....there are three cats finally getting to sleep on a bed which all cats sometimes enjoy. i wish there was room for a full sized bed but sadly there is only enough space for a tiny toddler one. oh well...they like it anyway.

well..i would like to say that i got everything done so far but i havent for a couple of is griffin still has the millions of loose tiny poop plops going on and i am way behind on the laundry and two is i keep stopping to goof with the animals so it is taking me a long time to get thru everything.

jenn has told me to tell you that i am starting to feel better so folks can quit worrying..i am still short of breath at times and stuffy and coughing but it is significantly better than it was a couple of days ago so i am happy with this.

we are finally getting down our new animal vet list...jelly is done...prince is...well being monitered...peter is done, hootie is done, sydney is already done as are cliff, bart, misty, forrest, big bambi, little bambi and jake...wilma goes in tomorrow and tina fey and olivia go in on saturday, that just leaves hilda and alf to get in for their check ups (sometime next week) and then the saints are all up to date with their admission initial stuff...YAY...then it will be just the usual and unusual ongoing things.

it has been a long haul getting everyone in...nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel again.



I am glad you are still feeling better but I wish you had been resting today!