Rescue Journal

jenny two

Carol  ·  Dec. 10, 2010

Dear Carol

I am writing to tell you that Jenny Two passed away today peacefully in my arms at Vancouver Feline Hospital. She had a blocked bile duct probably caused by cancer, was terribly jaundiced and had not eaten or drunk for a few days. With the help of fentanyl she was quite comfortable.

I adopted her from you almost 4 years ago when her previous owner (Peggy) of 14 years had to go into a care facility. By fluke I happened to be put in touch with Peggy by Blue Cross Animal Hospital. Every couple of months or so I would drive over and pick up Peggy and bring her to mine to visit with Jenny Two. I know that this brought comfort and joy to Peggy for a few years until she passed away earlier this year. Jenny Two will be joining Peggy at the Cemetery once I figure out how and when I am going to be a discreet grave digger.

As you know Jenny Two has been a tough nut to crack and quite a handful at times with her antics (almost a feline version of Phoebe!) but has also been a lot of fun. She loved to play with the laser pointer, watch the cat sitter dvd, be petted really hard, LOVED her cat bed with the heat pad underneath and her all time fave thing to do was to intimidate my boy cat Toad by staring at him until he would feel uncomfortable and move away.

I would not have missed all that entertainment for the world. Thank you for the opportunity to give a Saint a home. Peggy used to say Jenny Two "has gone straight to heaven and skipped the dying part" when she came to mine.

Enjoy this photo of Jenny Two for the "In Memory" page.





So sorry Emma. Losing a special one close to your heart always sucks.
Jenny Two was very lucky to have you, someone who understood her and accepted her attitude.
Our (Sam, Ginger and myself) thoughts are with you.
Take care.


rest in peace made your mark in this life on emmas heart.. thank you emma for loving this very difficult cat so very well...she is so very glad you found her at saints.
big hugs to you.
(you might want to consider scattering her ashes on peggys grave...altho jenny two would probably be chuckling over her continued power to manipulate you as the illegal grave digger cops lead you away!)