Rescue Journal

sweet things

Carol  ·  Dec. 10, 2010

it was bedtime so i went looking for the little prince. his frail little body was curled up on a karunda bed beside the fireplace. he looked so comfy i decided to leave him where he was and covered him up with an extra fleece. but as soon as the fleece touched him, the little blind and deaf prince got to his feet and wagged his little tail...he knew i was there and he knew it was bedtime so i gathered him up and carried him to bed, and there he still does sleep.

little tina fey crawled close to lay herself up against me. i covered her up and she sighed so deep and she too is fast asleep.

joey and peluchi move in close and peluchi kisses my face, then they curl up and they too soon drift off to sleep.

sweetie tried to get near me, she makes a mistake and climbs over to the back of my legs. and there she steps on the sleeping demon who jumps to his feet snarling and scares her. as i leap from the bed, jerry falls off of the side to the floor and i rush past him to comfort sweetie. i found her a spot at the foot of the bed and i cover her up nice and warm. and as i lay down, angel softly licks my feet and the recovered fallen demon settles back into the crook of my knees. daphne is curled on the pillow at my head and alf is resting his head on the little sound asleep prince. prudence and suzie and hilda and merry are scattered close and curled on the rest of the bed.

i look over all of the sleeping little sweet ones and i see chica sitting on the far corner of the bed. and she is staring right at me in longing. i call her to me but there are too many bodies blocking her way so she turns around and runs down the stairs. she quickly sees that this is not the right way so she runs back up and stares at me again.

i disengage myself from the little ones attached close and closer around me and i go to the end of the bed. i pick her up and i carry her back and she curls up on the other side of my head.

and there i lay surrounded by these absolute sweet and innocent old things and my heart is filled with warmth and softness for them.

but my legs cannot move and my chest cannot breath and my shoulder is twisted and my arm is tingling and feeling dead. so i get up and i come into the computer room and share some milk and cookies with the rest of the sweet and elderly crew.

i have disturbed the bed buddies..that demon jerry is calling and i am sure that everyone is no longer asleep.

as i sit here writing about those very sweet things....they are all impatiently waiting for me.

sigh....i am pretty sure i heard somewhere that too many sweets at bedtime disturbs your sleep...i think this is true.

tonight i am a somewhat reluctant prisoner in a geriatric candy store.



lol...his feelings weren't hurt enough not to scoot right back into his favorite spot against me on the bed!~


aw poor jerry you must have hurt his feelings whrn you knocked him off the bed and then ignored him. i would not be very happy either..


Where's the bed cam??? I can picture it all in my head, but would love to see it in reality. See you tomorrow morning!

Carol Ann

All those bed buddies are just the best bunch of old dogs. I love feeding them and loving them. But where was maybe? Under the bed snarling ? lol

Ann C

Ditto Shady....great way to start my day with the warm & fuzzies, so close to Christmas.