Rescue Journal

it was a good day with good people and good animals...can't ask for much better than that!

Carol  ·  Dec. 11, 2010

bonita went off to her new home with strict instructions that she is to have pizza tonight!
sweetie went home with carol who will love her and care for her pre and post surgery and we will see where sweetie goes in terms of continued good health after we know what the heck that mass is.

we had our brainstorming meeting... in attendence were lucky and wilma, and hootie and jingles and tina fey and daphne and sweetie and lil big bud and suzie...hmmm..did i miss anyone? it is important to have a contingent of animals lest we forget the reason why saints is here.

the animals come only because of the food and the people..they don't give a ratz ass about whatever important things we have to discuss.

from my was a very good meeting...not that we accomplished much in terms of future plans. for the next few months we are going to look at our financial possibilities in obtaining more consistent funding...once we have some surity in where we can go..then we look at actually coming up with and working towards new goals.

but despite our lack of concrete planning, the meeting told me a couple of things that i did not know. change is going to be difficult for all of us...not just me because of "founders syndrome" but for everyone here because the bottom line is for those who have invested a great deal of ourselves here over a long period of time...we actually do love saints the way it is now.

now i am not saying we all would not like to see some things different...somethings easier..somethings less busy and back breaking and difficult...but the basic reality of saints and these old, wrecked and sometimes dying animals happily milling around...we really do love being in the midst of them all.

what i found most interesting is...i have known all along that for me, saints is very personal. but it is also very personal for our volunteers..the relationships formed with both humans and animals is also very highly personal. we are in fact a very close knit and caring family.

so here is what we talked about....the blog.


it was suggested that the blog is the public face of saints so maybe it should possibly reflect a little more professionally along this line.
there were varying opinions about this...some good points made on either side. my feeling is that as long as i am the primary face at saints...i will continue to write what i like. however..once saints becomes a full group responsibility endeavor..then it will be up to the group to decide.

we briefly talked about the american dogs. right or wrong, those dogs are really important to me. i can't help the millions being dumped dead in shelter garbage barrels..but once or twice a year, saints can help a few absolutely hopeless beyond hope seniors escape those barrels...and so we do what we can.

we talked about what saints would look like..if i wasn't here. no one was really comfortable with that made everyone feel a little bit weird. it was like a family deciding how the family would continue if very capable mom decided to hike off to the african bush in the next couple of years.

we talked honestly about how much time or willingness we had to invest in moving saints up to the next level. and most of us just do not have the is a stretch to just do what we currently can. and it also came down to why we are all actually here...we are here because we love cleaning up piss and shit from these wonderful animals and stuffing their faces with pretty much any kind of food. we love getting them wet in the kitchen sink and apparently we love changing my bed every weekend...but we don't necessarily love doing some of the other administrative, policy, procedure and organizational things. it is just not who we are.

there are three things spearing me into figuring this out...the main one is of course the very real fact that i will not always be here. and not only that..the real knowledge that there will reach a time, when in the best interests of saints... i should not be here.

there is also that thing that pops up now and again from the outside...not from within...the accusation of founder syndrome inhibiting the natural growth and progression of saints. it personally bugs me on one hand because it has been used as a poking stick to stir the pot for no real good reason except to stir the pot and cause dissention around here...but it also worries me on a personal level too because i do not want to ever become an actual burden to saints....any more than i ever want to become a burden to my one would want to become that to anyone or anything that they loved.

and the third thing that i am considering is that saints does need to change...we are seriously outgrowing what we can do here..we have a responsibility to figure this out and decide on a plan.

i think the next few years are going to be interesting...this is a totally unfamiliar path for all of us upon which we are treading. but it is an important path if in some way shape or form, we want to continue to be at the forefront of helping senior and special needs animals.

and what i most learned today was this....i truly love the people at saints who are on this journey with me.
you are all such incredibly honest and compassionate people...the best of the very best.

where ever we go from this day forward...we started from a place of such unselfish purity in caring and that is going to take us to somewhere maybe different then where we are now..but it is going to take us to somewhere just as pure and good.

i know this to be 100% real and true.



I just clicked on here to say how the thing I love MOST about the blog is how REAL it is, but I see I have been well beaten to it :) It's not like you're running for office, your audience is composed of animal lovers, and animal lovers are honest, down-to-earth people!! You are able to find humor in the less than pleasant things and I think that is amazing... I can't seem to think of a way to sugar coat such things as "piss" and "shit" anyways lol.

Don't fix what aint broken!! The tone of this blog is what keeps me reading it (almost) everyday!!!


I love LOVE the realness of this of the reasons I'm drawn to it. As a shelter volunteer myself, you are telling the truth here, plain and simple. To sugar coat or "professionalize" (that isn't even a word!) would be a big diservice to Saints and quite frankly all of us rescuers out here who read this blog as a way of not feeling so alone in this rescue world.

Bunny Horne

As a new volunteer to Saints I agree with Sharon's comments. The blog is REAL. Throughout the writings you can feel all of the emotions that are associated with this huge undertaking, the JOY and the frustration, the empathy, the challenges and the successes. The blog makes one aware that it's not simply feeding animals and picking up poop. After only a couple of visits I've discovered that the personalities of the volunteers, the founder(s) and the animals are larger than life. When you leave the grounds you feel a sense of humility, pleasure and wonderment at how the whole operation works and how everyone appears to work together for the good of the whole. Last weekend I felt a sense of satisfaction at having accomplished one good deed that week, even if it was only helping Dionne reload her wheelbarrow after it failed the Ziggy quality control test.

Mo said that Ellie needed a new blankie and yesterday we found a fabulous wool military blankie that Brent and I will bring with us next Sunday.

And Carol, with respect to the challenges with administrative operations I have lots of experience in that area that might be of some assistance. Let's talk.


I'm just an outsider looking in but I just love the tone of the blog. It's real and there is no romanticizing of rescue. I adopt senior dogs (but only one at a time!)so love reading about the Saints animals.

The blog has kept me interested, voting everyday, and this payday I'll send a Christmas donation. Keep up the good work!


Carol are never going to let that go are you????
see? you are just like suzie...stubborn and gawd damned determined to the very freaking core!!!!

i still think it was a compliment..that tiny little fat partially blind old dog has incredible personal power, is totally brave AND she is the best self actualizer, human or animal that i have ever met.... AND! she makes me laugh with pure joy at her antics every single day.

if i had said you were like reggie...THEN you could complain!


And the other thing that came out was when I told Meghann that you said I was like Suzy the landshark .. . Meghann told me (to soften the blow to my wounded pride) well Carol just absolutely adores Suzy. I said and that is suppose to make me feel better because we all know Carol likes the a..hole dogs.