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Bambi the dingo's grievous complaint

Jenn  ·  Dec. 13, 2010

I have a new video here for everyone to enjoy. It is of Bambi 2 lodging her most grievous complaints to Carol, director of SAINTS. She does not think her family should have abandonder her ... she is working through it but it is just going to take time. In mean time, Bambi we are listening and we hear you sweety.

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PS did you notice that Bambi got booty! hehe.

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Linda de J.

My heart breaks for Bambi - watching this video and every time I look into those soulful eyes.

I think when I expressed my concern about hopelessness the other day it had more to do with my own desperation. I want to protect all the Bambi's of the world from feeling loss and wish I could absorb that pain into myself so they wouldn't have to experience it (I guess I have the inflated view that somehow I am stronger and can handle it).

I wish I could provide a means for people so that they wouldn't have to give up their family dog/cat cause I know sometimes, for some people there just isn't any other choice and there but for the grace of...go those of us who can hug their beloved family pet tonight and ward off the circumstances that would force surrender.
But I can't.

I've often heard that sages say pain is a door allowing us to enter a higher level of consciousness If we welcome and embrace it. It was quite painful for me to watch this video but I trust that bearing witness to Bambi's suffering will allow her to move forward and those of us who care about Bambi and her pain can make sense of why she came to Saints and help her move into the joy and happiness she deserves.

Many blessings coming your way, Bambi beginning with your landing at Saints.


Alison I am sorry but you are suppose to be on vacation in Mexico! Hope you are having a great time other wise!


Jenn, you are not supposed to make me sad while I am on vacation in Mexico.... she does have the cutest booty though!! Bambi got back!

Jenn Hine

yeah I just cannot get over her booty I love it is very squishy too like the side of a gilbert the goat. carol said that dingo's store fat differently than dogs ... makes sense. It is my most favorite thing about her and that video and any pictures I try to take do not do it justice!

Roff I hope that that booty got a few laughs out of you too!