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so how is larry?

Carol  ·  Dec. 14, 2010

he is ok..the ear won't get infected because he is still on his baytril. it probably is pretty sore but we are giving him tramadol too so it shouldn't be too sore. he doesn't seem distressed about it all but then phoebe has been banished to the kitchen so she isn't around to remind him that she bit him in the ear today. we won't be able to really clean up the edges of old blood for a couple of days because we don't want to start it bleeding again so right now it looks like the edge of his ear is totally black.

la la I am just a happy go-lucky-guy

and phoebe is fine too...while inside my mind i have totally been abusing her...she hasn't a clue cuz i have been treating her just like i always do. she actually seems to like having the kitchen to herself...enjoy it while you can babe cuz it ain't gonna last.

the electrician was here today and has installed the MP building electric hard wired more fire causing plug in heaters anymore! tomorrow he will be back to install a couple of in my bedroom and one in the suite plus he will be putting electricity for us into the feed shed too. there will be an electrical outlet so we can boil water in the kettle to give the horses hot mash at night AND he will wire in a heat lamp like the chickens have with a switch so..we not only will have light out there, but the heat lamp should help keep the barn guys fruit from freezing in the really cold weather too....and yes in the summer months we can move over a small bar fridge to keep the fruit fresh in too.

wilma had her first supervised trial with dusty and lucky one really cared at all, they got along fine. so i think eventually they can be together 24 hours a day. i just don't want to rush it and would rather take this pretty slow.

meet Wilma!

little mister was recovering from a small seizure when i went over to feed and put to bed. he seems ok now but i have taken him off of his tramadol cuz it can lower his seizure threshold which i think it is doing. we will try him back on just metacam and maybe some glucosamine too.

i just want to remind EVERYONE to use care when leaving the rabbit pens...a week ago, lincoln's door was not shut properly and he got into tu and thumpers pen and was causing havoc in there. and a couple of weeks ago, tu and thumpers door to the outside aisle was open too. last night princess leia and patches pen door was open..they were still in their pen tho. but we all need to be careful to make sure all of those pen doors are tightly closed and latched so the rabbits do not get out and get into trouble somewhere.

bunny fights are even more vicious than phoebe...she stops after a minute or so..bunnies can go on for a very long is much better to make sure their pen doors are securely closed.

yes we look so soft, sweet, and docile but we are more vicious than a Pheobe



awe I think Sugar is a cute name and appropriate because Wilma is diabetic.We could call her "Wilma Sugar"


Wilma, I thought her name was Sugar! Oops.

Anyways, I'm thinking Wilma/Sugar, Tasha & Wynter might want to come join my family. At least as foster children. I don't favor the females or anything, but I don't think any males can come because my male cat is pretty dominant and has FINALLY accepted the fact that my boyfriend IS welcome in our home after nearly a year of peeing on all of his belongings. I don't want to start a new battle with him, but the more ladies around the merrier in his eyes.


glad larry is better.
did you ever get something from me for the Zig-let?


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