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the in and outs of early mornings

Carol  ·  Dec. 17, 2010

i get up and open the front door and out goes jelly...and back in she comes. i step into the kitchen and out goes big bambi and jelly and then i clean up the kitchen floor. here comes bibi so out he goes, and in comes bambi and jelly but jelly goes out with bibi again. i put down perdy's carpets and i let her out next, in comes jelly who just turns around and goes back out with perdy. finally esther shows up and out she goes, in comes perdy and bibi and jelly. jelly goes out with esther and then they both come back in together.
perdy starts fussing because i forgot to give her a peanut butter pirate cookie when she came in cuz i was confused with where i was in the out and in process with watching jelly going out and in and out and in. who is still out and has not come in?????
none of the little guys want out yet...too dark...too cold...much too early. but when they are ready to start straggling in and out, jelly will... every single time.... accompany each and every one of them, out and in....individually.

jelly is very busy being the in and out moniter in the morning....she makes me dizzy.

*lets see is we can visualize this ...*
Jelly goes Out and In
Next big Bambi goes out (with Jelly)
and then big Bamb comes in

and so does Jelly

Bibi Out
Jelly out again (3rd time)
Jelly in for a bout 1 second*
Perdy Out (Jelly Follows)


Perdy In
Jelly In (again)

Esther Out *Jelly out too (5th time)
Jelly, Bibi. Esther In



Perdy ...wants Peanut Butter Pirate Cookie please!

Don't I made a good in and out helper?

meanwhile**all little guys sleeping snug and cozy.



Jelly is in and out like a fiddlers elbow.

Lynne, heartfelt sympathy for your losses this year.


I don't know how else to contact you so I wanted to let you know that Toronto Cat Rescue is an Aviva Community Fund Finalist. The final decision will be made in January by a panel. Thanks to all of you for your support of TCR.

And fantastic photos.

Ann C

So sorry Lynne, losing a loved one is always especially difficult at this time of year, big hugs from me too, which I'll give you tomorrow.


Lots of loving thoughts are sent your way Lynne - I'm so sorry for your personal losses so close together. I won't see you till after Christmas - take care.

Carol Ann

Oh Lynne. so sorry to hear about your sister. I understand what you are feeling---She put up a good fight but now her pain is over. My thoughts are with you and your family. I will see you on Christmas.


just want to let everyone know i will not be in to vulunteer on sun. . my sister passed away on thur and we are having her cellebration of life on sun. it has been a bad 3 months what with my mother and now my sister passing away. i am still in shock but tomorrow will be happy to see all the animals.


Just read the Greatest quote by Winston Churchill
"We make a living by what we do
We make a life by what we give.

I believe this to be true,which makes me think Carol must be living an absolutely beautiful Life.

Kudos to you Carol and all your Volunteers.


Carol, im leaving you a note on here because we dont have ANY pens, haha. I dont know where to put your bed stuff as your blanket box is full. So thats why its all in the laundry room. Have a great weekend :)


Jelly is a good friend!

I've never seen a picture of Maybe - can you post one sometime?


Audrey S., I couldn't sign in (my browser is normally Google Chrome) so I tried signing in using regular Internet Explorer and it worked. Today it appears that I can sign in on either browser....they are definitely having technical issues since they changed to the new security option. Keep trying, also try using the audio option maybe that will work.


They've added in an extra step - type in the words you see on the fuzzy image before you hit the 'Sign In' button.

I assume they've added that because people were trying to circumvent their security.

Audrey S.

I still can't sign in to the pepsi challenge and neither can my friend.


Just so laura knows, Kia's new family is coming out tomorrow for a tour ( will be there for 11 ) and to finalize the adoption . I am hoping I will be as strong tomorrow as I feel today.. that little dog dug a hole so deep into my heart , giving her up is the hardest thing I have had to do in a long time. This family can give her so much more than I can at this time. She will be safe forever with lots of love & a doggie brother to hang with .

To all the foster Moms & Dads out there, huge kudos to you & my hat goes off to you , it takes a strong heart that is full of love to be able to give that gift of good-bye and without foster folks rescue could never help as many as they do.

Ann C

Luv the Jelly.....what a great way to start the day, mine that is, with a good laugh...thanks Carol.