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a christmas wish

Carol  ·  Dec. 18, 2010

i woke up with a headache..probably because i went to bed with a headache...funny how that works.
maybe is home and confined in the playpen so she cannot bump her eye on anything hard. i talked to the vet before her surgery..she said that eye could have ruptured from any kind of running into something..except maybe doesn`t really ever run. BUT she does periodically fall off the karunda beds onto her face...this is the trouble with very short legs. she said she would know more after she actually got into it..but i haven`t had a chance to talk with her post surgery yet.
as long as it was not a tumour....that is what i am most worried about.

this set of days off i need a double feed and supply run to get us thru this week and right thru til after the new year. i think today i will be making my lists and checking them twice and maybe doing a dump run or three or four to clean out the shop space a little bit more.
there are days i wish we had a big truck..the van is great but not always big enough.

christmas comes always with a few sad thoughts this will be my last christmas with many animals will never find a real home to share in the family festivities and get presents under the tree to others share the happiness and gifts of christmas cheer....many are suffering alone in a crappy back yard somewhere.

christmas is the quintessential yin and yang of real life..over the top with lovely and pretty and kind happy thoughts.....and the absolute dark and dreary and all alone pit stops.
for those of us in a decently good hearted place, it is where we feel lucky and shamefully guilty at the same time.

i have learned that i and the animals can live in an imperfect life here because we have faith in each other and hope for tomorrow....but sometimes i think about those who do not even know of the existence of faith and hope....and that makes me sad.

abbotsford animal control is ending their contract at the end of the year...any animals not claimed or adopted or taken in by rescue will be euthanized. BC rescues and other individuals are working hard to find a place for everyone before their contract would be a nice gift of hope and faith for any of the animals left there if someone came and gave them a great home.

that is my christmas wish this year.


Julie Hartland

Contact Abbotsford Animal Control, City Hall 604 864-5512.


there is an article in the abbotsford newspaper with the operator of AAC and a city official saying any left over dogs will not be euthanized but sent to other shelters/rescues.

we will see what happens suzanne and will try to step up if we can if it becomes absolutely necessary.

they do not have an up to date website nor do they use petfinder.

Audrey S.

Is Abbotsford Animal Control not on Petfinder? I can't seem to find them.

Carol Ann

on a better note sweetie's foot is healing nicely. Her and harold got their picture taken with santa. harold did not co-operate very much lol. I didn't even attempt to take precious too --just me and the three of them OMG

Carol Ann

what is wrong with these people they are just gonna kill them cause they are inconvenient MAKES ME FEEL ILL.


your comment about abbotsford breaks my heart... can saints take in any who are not lucky enough to be placed elsewhere?


Our little old lady pug ruptured an eye--it looked like a bubble sticking out of her eyeball...we were never really sure how it happened but her eyeballs protruded quite a bit so they were pretty vulnerable.

Cheryl Stef

We are in mission with our truck and empty horse trailer. We can come by and take your stuff to the dump today. It should only be one load. Let us know. Just going out to do the horses now but will be back in shortly.


just a reminder: today is the Santa Pet Pics at Bark & Fitz in Abbotsford 12:30 to 4pm.