Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Dec. 19, 2010

i have been burying emails again.
while i will flip the bird to anyone stupid enough to accuse me of hoarding animals (our animals ARE for adoption and DO get adopted when the right homes show up) is not my fault that not very many want to adopt old, leaking, sick animals...or animals not wrecked like reggie and phoebe.
but hey if they do and they are a great home?...poof..those very special and lucky animals are GONE asap!

but...i will readily admit to being an email hoarder. if i want to spend some thoughtful time answering them...i with the best intentions mean to get back to the sender. being what it is around here and my memory pretty much sucking big time...i forget and they get buried by more incoming inquiries and before you know email box has (get this)...4925 messages in it and is 98% full.....ooops....again and again.

we have tried before to get volunteers to answer the emails but that doesn't really work very well either cuz they so far have just forwarded everything back on to me doesn't really help.

so...i need an email answerer who can answer almost all of the emails on their own and figure out the answers to stuff most of the time and then only pass on to me the very few that no one else around here has the answer to.....which is really not all that much stuff.
and then we can take my stupid, ineffectual hoarding email address right off the website...yay!

ahhh..this is another one of my dreams.

the problem has to be someone who knows the saints operation inside and out pretty darn well. AND they actually have to like answering emails and using folders and things to keep tract of stuff as well.

hmmm...i bet everyone is now thinking...oh whew... that is not me!

but it COULD be...saints is full of possibilities!!!!!!!



YAY!!! nicole..put shelleys email address on the contact page and get mine off... please!


Hi Carol. Can you look through your emails for one from me that came on Friday? I sent a donation through PayPal. I love your new gal Wilma so would like to make the donation in her honour.