Rescue Journal

it was after midnight by the time i got home...

Carol  ·  Dec. 20, 2010

that pretty much sucked for everyone around here including the diabetics. it will take me the next couple of days to get them back onto their schedule again.

it was a great concert...sold out house with 2 standing ovations at the end..and a surprize guest appearence by kenny g...i bought his xmas cd and he very kindly signed it for me...nice man! i am going to play it around here and see if i can drown out the less pleasant, close to xmas, wailing that goes on with big bambi each morning!

it was very nice to do something totally un-animal related..i used to go into see shows in vancouver fairly frequently..but that was a LONG time ago now.
just walking into the orpheum and gazing around is a real treat for me...i love the classic majesty of that concert hall.

oh well..back to the unmajestic saints life i lead.....scrambling barking peeing pooping everything is way too freaking exciting whereever i look around me...last night was a bit of a dream of a life i used to be able to live a little more frequently....funny how much things can sneak up on you and change when your eyes are glued to a bunch of old animal butts in their own kind of celebration of life...


Audrey S.

Would be nice if you could make that a once a month ritual. Would be good for you.