Rescue Journal

and while the cats have such beautiful grace....

Carol  ·  Dec. 21, 2010

sigh..i certainly do not.
it is just past noon and i am done in...i am totally peopled out and ryan and i still have to move that pallet of barn feed which i really do not want to put away today...but we have to cuz i am back to work tomorrow.

sick call first thing this morning..and 15 eager students were here..all excited, needing direction about the jobs i assigned and asking questions...many, many questions...where is the broom, is there another mop, who can i bath next, how old is this dog...oh..and the one i always love to hear (not) from a sweet and hopeful young student with a sweet and hopeful little dog in her arms......can i take this one home with me?...ummm.... well is not quite that easy, you have to apply and be interviewed like every one is not see a dog, like a dog and take a dog home.

i gave a couple of students heck for walking out before their jobs were properly done..there were some politics and hurt feelings among the group working together.
too bad say i...the vet clinics you finally get jobs in will not care if you don't like each other but they will care that you can do your work well together without a bunch of drama. AND come hell or high water you never walk out before the animals have gotten the care they deserve.

that is the old time nurse in me..the one with the legacy from the nursing nuns who trained the ones who trained me.

i am not sure the students like it as much when i am here because good enough is not always good enough...bath an old dog and dry well an old dog cuz an old dog can get pneumonia if left wet and cold. leave the floors too wet and the bleach will burn their feet so please take a towel and dry up the excess cuz we don't want them to have sore feet.

on the whole the students are great and they really do help out a lot around here...but caring for animals is serious business and it is a business that they are in the process of learning and i think everyone's goal is to learn it well.

sometimes i feel like a nagging hag...BUT...if they listen and learn, they will do better in the clinics and have more of a chance of getting a good job....and being appreciated because they can be trusted do that job really well. i think all of us really do want to be good at our makes us feel good inside to do our jobs well.

pat and ernie came with another load of donations..i was teasing ernie..i bet they have put at least a thousand miles on their car delivering things to us. they are such generous and really nice is always a treat to see them up here.

and finally, my very happiest sight in all of the world....forrest going off to his brand new home..but this time with a bit of a twist. ben had been donating his time playing santa so when he was done he came straight here while still dressed in his santa suit. so there was our sweet and lovely little forrest with his bag full of toys and food heading off down the driveway with his very own santa really was too very cute!

just before forrest left i put on a new collar and leash on him and just let him drag it around while i talked to his new santa dad. all of a sudden i see him being led away..not by a person but by little hootie. she had a hold of that leash in her mouth and she was taking forrest for a walk all by herself...and that was just too cute to see too!

at this very moment, it is utterly silent and peaceful here...thank you god..i really needed this..i am feeling a bit short on personal and patient grace today!



There was an article posted on another board that Abbotsford will be giving the contract to another community. I am pretty sure that would be the township of langley given that Langley's facility is also in aldergrove and there kennels are rarely full. I think whatever dogs are left will be transferred and will be relatively safe.


This is another stray JRT, he still has the 72 hours holding period.. the last JRT got sprung. So if your daughters friend is interested in adopting, she should get a hold of them & find out more details. Or hopefully he has a frantic family out searching every nook & cranny & will find him safe.. not so happy.. but safe.


i was wondering if you knew about all the animals at abbotsford animal control. i had talked to a friend of my daughter and she stopped by there today only peered in through the window, they were gone for a short time and saw one jack russell terrier is that all that is left and i thought i heard someone at saints say he had a home. just wondering.