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i sent the email to jenn to see if she can post the pics...for some reason i can't

Carol  ·  Dec. 22, 2010

Hi Carol,
Hope that all is well with you and yours this Holiday. We are so excited to have Dee with us, we just love her. Dee and my dog, Kelby, get along fine, Dee pretty much ignores Kelby to play with the toys. Dee doesn't like it when the cat, Tripod, tries to groom her ears; other than that they also get along fine. We got a giant tennis ball for her and she loves it. Here are some photos of Dee in her new home.

*here are the pictures of Dee in her new digs

*abd here are a couple of pics of former SAINTS at the Santa Pet Photo at Bark and Fitz in Abby last Saturday (photos by Moneca).

Here is former SAINTS Chyna

and we all know Harold and Sweetie!

former saints Nudge also visted Santa



And that's why I only take Nudge out of the misfit bunch I have. I swear that cat would have a good time in a funeral parlour! She's a great cat and very relaxed in all situations.


They all look great and very happy.
However since my heart belongs to cats (and Phoebe) I have to say Nudge looks the best. Not to mention he's sitting very nicely with Santa. My kids would be freaking out and pissing all over the poor guy.

Carol Ann

Dee looks so good. I love happy endings. and Ann poor Santa was having enough trouble hanging on to sweetie lol


How nice to see signs of happy Saints in their new surroundings. What great evidence of why SAINTS matters so much.

Thanks for sending them.


Hey! I sent Carol a GORGEOUS pet and Santa photo of former Saint, Nudge, She looks stunning! Maybe someone can post that one too.

Ann C

Dee looks very happy in her new home.....merry christmas Dee, Santa came early for you!