Rescue Journal

looks like we did make it into the top three in the shelter challenge...

Carol  ·  Dec. 23, 2010

thank you everyone so much for voting for us!!!
still hoping to win the pepsi challenge tho so please keep on voting for us if you can..the contest is almost over and it is either this time or never for us...(no third chances with the pepsi challenge.)


Pat Beaucamp

I agree with you, Trish. Sometimes it takes 3 tries to get your vote on the Pepsi Challenge through but we are so close to the finish line now let's hope that this time SAINTS makes it!


Hi Louise,
I haven't received an email from you. Can you try again -


Is anyone else but me having trouble voting for the Pepsi Refresh ? Last night when I signed in it said I had 8 votes only although it eventually went back to 10 and let me vote. Tonight it says I have already voted today, for the correct things, but I haven't. Confused !


Thanks for that Carol, I sent an email to Nicole...I know its just a busy time of year for everyone. Happy Holidays!


email nicole...she is info@saints on our contact page...she set everything up for us. good luck..remind us when the voting starts for your round.


Congrats on the win, I voted faithfully every day and still am in the Pepsi Refresh Project. I recently submitted a successful application for the new cycle of voting Food & Shelter, $10K starting Jan 4/11 for CATS CRADLE ANIMAL RESCUE, Victoria BC so my voting days will be continuing on! I would like to contact who helped set up all your links and "how to vote" page etc., it was very helpful to me in the beginning of voting and would to use the same format for Cats Cradle to encourage people to vote. Is there an email address of someone who I could ask for advice? THANK YOU!
Only 8 days left, I really hope you continue to hold your 1st place spot!