Animal Updates

Carol  ·  Dec. 23, 2010

i am skipping the intro's with perdy for a bit (cuz i am a freaking weanie coward tonight!)
instead i am working on the rest of the kitchen/computer room guys...once that is done i can actually stick molly in here when i let perdy outside! there is almost always another option when you really can't face doing something right now.
i am so freaking smart sometimes....very good at problem solving (when in avoidence mode of potentially bigger problems.) is going well...except i have molly 2 all uptight again and she was just settling down....(now we are dealing with stressed rotti diarrhea...oh yay!) but she has met everyone on this side of the house except perdy...phoebe and bibi...phoebe has already gone to bed in her zen den and bibi is sleeping out on the bed in the cat run... (he will come in soon when he thinks it is med..(aka treat) time.)...and perdy..well one day when i am feeling a bit more powerful i guess!

so far so good...20 yr old molly one and little sydney have both told her to piss right off and get her freaking nose out of their vicinity and she did so that makes me very happy. big bambi 2 was kind of acting big and powerful like she was queen dingo-bat bitch but i told her i am queen carol shit so piss off and go lie down and she did.

molly2 is fascinated by little that a hamster by any chance??? she was licking eddie's head while he laid in my lap but eddie is an exceptionally calm and gentle cat. she should not try that with some of the others...not sure what would happen if she did.

anyway..i won't leave her in here when i am not around but it does look like i have gotten to open the door to future possibilities.

i so hate integrating new dogs.....maybe if we only had a dozen or so it wouldn't be such a pain in the ass but with 30 it truly sucks.

oh well...whining won't help so onwards we go and i better get moving with it so i can let perdy out.

** here is Molly 2***




I met Molly2 very briefly last night & she is a doll.. already madly in Love with Carol ... she is going to make someone a wonderful companion & I hope while she hangs at SAINTS.. that she joins us out at the Barn...

Welcome Molly... do you like pizza ?? Duh !!


she certainly is a pretty young thing. I'm sure there will be no problem finding the home of her dreams


She is so beautiful! Oh great, another one to add to my wish list... I knew you would take her :) One thing I am quickly learning, when an animal is in need, Carol may say "no" or "maybe" but I think it always means yes! Haha awww I love it

Carol Ann

Oh boy is she ever cute. If we didn't have a full house dionne would want that one for sure. We will see her tomorrow.