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the trials and tribulations of being jenny and nicole

Nicole  ·  Dec. 27, 2010

where do i start? how about 545am last wednesday morning. I awoke to a racket in the living room. Jenny was on her side having a full seizure.
I had written a long post detailing the last stressful week we had together but it was incredibly long and probably a wee bit boring.
So the short of the long is: Jenny has had loads of seizures over the last 12 days. She stayed at my work while we got them under control. I almost euthanized her twice but thanks to one of the vets I work with she convinced me to give the meds some more time to work. It is either a brain tumor which is entirely possible as her Cushings disease is Pituitary dependent. OR it has been seizure or embolic event related to her really high blood pressure caused by her Cushings not being under control yet.
Here she is hanging out at work with another dog, Aki, we had boarding with us over Christmas. (we had got a package from the Dental people so everyone is wearing blue bandanas). Her and Aki were BFF's at work.

I have to say, I work with the best people ever. I know I'm biased, but really they were so good to both me and her over the last 12 days. They cleaned up her messes all week (and believe me there were some doozies.) She got a few baths. Dealt with me crying off and on. Walked all over Kits to get me sushi.Told me my cat wasn't fat just big boneded. (it was a be nice to nicole day). I've had to drop her off there a couple of times as I didn't want to leave her home alone if I was going to be gone for long.

And today I made her a new coat and bandana. One of the girls I work with was giving me crap because she was still wearing her coat from Halloween that was part of her Ram costume. Here she is in her new blue coat and Guinness bandana.

And because she's so beautiful here she is in a photo Sheena took of her back in the early Fall.

She still has small head tremors but she's had those since she arrived at SAINTS.
She has made great progress. Still had two very small seizures Thursday and Friday. We've started her back on a very low dose of Pheno. So we are taking it day by day and hopefully she will be around for a while longer so I can continue dressing her up.

Edited to add another photo, I just turned around and saw this:

This is what happens when 300lbs of dog try to all lie on a couch. and it's a big couch.



Jenny has the most beautiful eyes. Glad to hear that she is doing a bit better. And it's so comforting to know your critters are in good hands when they have to stay overnight in hospital. The crew at Hill n' Dale are great that way too. They always go the extra mile taking care of my guys. Wishing you and your furfaces a happy healthy new year, Nicole.


thands appreciate you taking the time to answer some questions. he does love going for walks tho. and he does have a big pendulous belly. maybe thats my problem too lol.


he has a lot of signs that point to cushings. Excessive panting, ravenous appetite, poor coat, liver enzymes. They usually drink alot, exercise intolerance, have a pendulous belly, have high blood pressure (big problem!!).
Fiona has been on the meds for one month and is doing great. She still has a belly but she has better tolerance for exercise and has lost a touch of weight. Jenny has only been on them for 2 weeks and her blood pressure is still really high despite other meds to help pull it down, but she hasn't been panting near as much.
The smoking wouldn't cause it. It's cause by an adrenal or pituitary tumor (>80% case are pituitary caused). Adrenal is usually treated by surgery and meds and pituitary is just medical treatment. There are a couple different meds to try, Colleen will discuss the pros and cons of them all with you. You can call me if you have any other questions.


oh nicole you are such a good person. any dog or cat that ends up at your place is one lucky animal i need a little information on cushings. i know copper had it but he passed away too soon for me to know much about it. my akita chow cross keno was just at the vets and had a whole lot of blood work done to determineif he had cushings. he is going back for more tests and an xray next mon. to determine if it is a tumor related cushings or pancreatic. i think that is what colleen said. his liver enzymes has more than doubled over the last 6 months. his fur which is normally very black and very beautiful was becoming dull and he has always had a very bad panting problem. i got him 4 years ago from a man on my mailwalk who could not look after him anymore and since than he has gone back there for stays when i have to go away. this man is a very heavy smoker and keno is subjected to this 24-7 when he is there. just want to know yours or anyone elses thoughts on what to do. his former owner said keno always had breathing problems but now i am wondering if the secone had smoke could be a cause. he also has a waeight problem. he is very heavy and is on special food from the vets but is always ravenously hungry and has a very hard time losing weight. is this a sign of cushings. love your pics of your doggies and like everyone else the last one is especially cute. have a great new years everyone. hope jenny is okay. she is in good hands.

Ann C

Thinking of you & Jenny, she is such a sweetie. Love the last photo, puts a new meaning to "dog pile".


hoping all turns out for you guys, seizures are so hard for me to cope with..what a Christmas for you. LOVE that last pic


We are thinking of you here, take care.
I'm assuming Harvey is the big boned cat. I told you he wasn't fat.
Phebes would love a fleece jacket. She looks good in black. Maybe add a blue trim.


don't worry, i have already bought some fleece to make the saints' dogs coats.


hugs to you both and i am glad she is home!

and now that you have the whole sewing dog coats down pat..i am going to put in a few orders!