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Carol  ·  Dec. 28, 2010

finally wilma's bloodsugars came out of the high range...she was 11 today at her vet appointment...YAY wilma!!!! now we can finally do a glucose curve to fine tune her insulin regime..that is booked for next monday. i told the vet he can write the day off for any of his staff getting any work done...they all just love to sit on the floor and rub her belly whenever she comes in....and wilma loves it too!

mandy's chest is still not clear but she is a little bit we carry on and she gets re-checked next week.

i bathed little bambi today...she was being an utter hag and picking food fights everywhere. so i tossed her in the tub and gave her a good bath and that distracted her...she hasn't picked one single fight since. good girl!

i think we are going to try to remove that basal cell cancer from cali's neck...just waiting on her last blood results before we decide for sure.

tina-fey is back...her new foster mom's existing big dog...really did not like tina-fey much, it happens sometimes. is not worth the risk to tina's life so she is back home again. can't say she is all that upset...we had a nap this afternoon and tina climbed up inside the back of my sweater and found the absolutely warmest place to nap. and for my part i am not sure if i woke up with a menopausal hot flash or a chi in my sweater hot flash but whatever it was, it was freaking hot!

and i am just about to have some baileys and hot took pity on me and gave me a bottle because this year for xmas, i didn't get any....and she got!
thx mo...really looking forward to this before i go to bed tonight....this way if i have any more hot flashes..i can blame it on the alcohol!

oh...and only three more voting days left in the pepsi challenge...please everyone vote, it would make life so much easier for a little while if we could actually win!


Bunny Horne

Carol, dear Carol, Brent and I are coming out this weekend and I will bring you a bag of organic Sage Tea so that you can steep yourself a pot. That's assuming you have time to steep some tea. It miraculously ends hot flashes in moments. I'M NOT KIDDING. I've recommended it to numerous ladies and the same result, they can't believe they suffered for years (in some cases) and a cup of tea a day "instantly" cools the body.
Can you hold out till Sunday? I've been voting religiously for the Pepsi Challenge as has Brent.
See you Sunday.

Linda de J.

Voting every day on the pepsi challenge!

Happy New year, Jelly, Bambi, Wilma, Mandy, Cali, tina-fey, and all at Saints.

Many blessings.