Rescue Journal

ok...deep breath and try to relax.......

Carol  ·  Dec. 29, 2010

bend forward gently...just a, flex back up a little bit too....softly, smoothly until you can move.
freaking back! it is spasming again..i can't let perdy out til i can bend once again. i need to clean up the floors so i can put her carpets down...sorry perdy, just wait a few minutes til i can get myself moving around.

it was a totally crappy night...i had freakng hot flashes every hour on the flashes in a bed full of dogs totally sucks all around.

so i sit here exhausted and i type while swaying forward and back...trying to get my back to relax....with the ceiling fan running cuz once again it is freaking flaming hot!

i am so not in a good mood...first email this morning...senior time..working family, young kids, dog is getting ignored and now is barking and fussing and peeing and snapping and the tension in the family is mounting surrounding this dog.

in a perfect scenario the email goes on to say...we will find him a foster home, they will contribute financially to his care and they can still visit him sometimes too.

well shit my perfect world...all of these guys would be living and barking and peeing and pooping and fussing in perfect little foster homes too where i could go and visit them and feel pretty good.

here is my brutal, i am tired, bitchy, hormonal and in pain, take on this....

if you honestly cannot multi-task, multi-love, multi-care for the needs for each member of your family..then you probably should never have started a family in the first place.... each member will require time and care. and if you cannot handle caring for a 13 year old dog...just wait til you have a 13 yr old child and see what tensions that future holds.

why do we never want to re-home the new baby?...honestly, there are waiting lists thousands of people long waiting to adopt babies...but old dogs? i don't know of a single one.

shit and now i have to send back an email that is not offensive and rude (unlike this post)..and i don't want to be bothered cuz i am tired and sore and this kind of thing just pisses me off. fine dump the dog..i don't really care, everyone else does it so go ahead. but geez...don't tell me what the perfect scenario is...i already know it...find the god damn dog a solid gold perfect home where he will be cherished and cared for every day of his life. and this does not include finding a happy place for his old family somewhere in his new life.

ok...the back is beginning to bend a little again..i think i can get perdy out for a pee. please do not fall in the snow out there cuz picking you up again will be too much for me.

plus..there is a 9 yr old border collie/lab cross recently adopted from a private home who has bitten legs and punctured them 9 times in the last 10 months. i did get the owners to take him to the vet for bloodwork just in case it is thyroid or something...the blood work is back and apparently the dog is fine...shit! now what to do??? tell them to euthanize or bring him here? i don't want him here, we are too full. and i don't want to tell them to nuke him either but i think that they probably should. i get why this dog needs rescue...just not sure i want to be the one to provide it.

i wonder if it ever occurs to folks as they surrender their dogs to rescue that while they just made their lives more easily perfect..they totally trashed ours and the dogs....we don't have any extra free escape passes here..we are it and it sucks.

i hate rescue on days like today...and by the way...who ordered the god damn snow????

it is like all of these seemingly picture perfect homes..underneath the pure white beauty there is a ton of extra and more difficult work to be had....and i am tired and sore and have to work an afternoon shift today and am so not impressed.

the only thing i think it is good for today is possibly cooling off these constant hormonal hot flashes.


Jenn Hine

are you having hot flashes or is it just extra hot in your house now that you have those new built in heaters because it was so hot there this weekend that I thought I was having a hot flash!

Carol Ann

oh wow couldn't agree more with everything you said. I've had the back spasms also -boy that is horrid-- and i still get hot flashes daily and look how long its been --17 yrs or more ugh. I remember the worst back spasms i went to emergency cause i could not move and a wonderful nurse wrapped me in warm blankets and made me feel so much better. NURSES ARE WONDERFUL !Hope you feel better soon.


AWESOME RANT, CAROL!! So true, so painfully, blindingly true, all of it.

Hope you feel better...


try some PLANT based hormone replacements from your local health food store, or nutrition world or whatever you have near you. they will ease the flashes without the potentially hideous side effects of chemical HRT's.