Rescue Journal


Guest  ·  Dec. 31, 2010

To the World;

Maybe Carol doesn't see the wonder that each new year can bring, but I do.

I was born on a dairy farm, at best to be bred each year by artificial man made means and to have my babe taken away from me within the first few hours of birth. I was to live day after day in a loafing shed doing nothing except when I was hooked up to the milking machines.

I was a disappointment to the ones on that farm, for some reason I couldn't be bred. The only other use for me was whatever money the meat man would give.
But something unexpected happened when I was at the auction waiting to be sold. I saw some women wandering around looking upset and out of place. I was curious about them so I went over to the gate and I sniffed their hands but then they moved away. Suddenly I was herded into this small arena and the men made me keep moving back and forth while many humans stared down on me and then I was herded back to my pen where I waited some more.

Finally my friend was taken away, I do not know where she is now. And I was herded up into a truck with three little goats and taken to where I live now. I had come to the place where those women hang out.

I have met many new animals here and Percy and Emily are now my best friends. I like to watch the humans as they work, cleaning up manure, pushing wheelbarrows, feeding us hay and grain. There are many dogs running around and horses and pigs and sheep and goats and a llama too.
Every day is interesting and I get to do whatever it is that I want to do.

The humans here are incredibly kind, they talk nicely to us and touch us with very soft hands. All of the animals are happy and fat and have warm and dry places to sleep. We like to spend our days in the bottom field the best... underneath the big trees.

I like this place better than I have liked any other and I am happy there are new years that bring new things into my umbrellas and a good home with good food and a good family to share my days with.

Every new year gets better then the one before and this makes me glad.

It is a very Happy New Year for me: Joy, in this World....thank you and may you all be as wonderfully blessed.




i haven't seen any extra keys around brenda so don't get your hopes up that they are miraculously here cuz i think they are not. look between your car seats..that is where i always find mine!


If anyone finds a set of car keys with a red coil on them, and a tag that says "Brenda" - guess who's lost their keys? They've been missing for 2 weeks now, and I'm hoping I may have dropped them at SAINTS the last time I was there. Happy New Year! I'll see the other volunteers tomorrow.

Carol Ann

Beautiful-- I can`t see to type cause of the tears in my eyes. SAINTS IS A BEAUTIFUL HAPPY PLACE.


Thank you for this story - it touched my heart.
God bless all who help out at Saints and thank you for doing it so well. And Carol ... you are such a blessing. Thank you for all that you do.


I type this through tears that have welled up in my eyes. It is MY PLEASURE to assist the staff in pushing my wheel barrow around picking up saints-pooh. I feel blessed when a saint feels comfortable enough to approach me for a massage, an ear rub, a kiss or just wants to inspect my load to ensure I'm doing a good job. The animals at Saints touch my heart each and every visit and Carol's blogs keep it all real. See you tomorrow.


Happy New Year to you Carol and your family and also the staff, volunteers and of course all the animals at Saints. So glad to have found Saints and been able to give two of the cats a forever home.


wow the tears are now forming in my eyes. people do not often think about anything but people. the animals are all but forgotten or thought of as only food. this story has so touched my heart and i wish i could save every animal in the world but i know i can not. so i will continue to volunteer at saints and do the very best i can do. it is but a small part of the rescue world but it is an important part. the animals at saints are so blessed to be there and i am so very glad i found saints and have been a very small part of their lives. bless you all carol jenn the staff and volunteers hope next year brings you all much happiness and lots of love.