Rescue Journal

man..the saints are a pain today!

Carol  ·  Jan. 1, 2011

pete is a dick-head...he was being a creep to chewie tonight so i kicked him out of the goat enclosure. that enclosure is to keep the little goats safe, not to be an inescapable gladiator arena for pete to bully a goat one quarter of his size.

i told him to go sleep with the cows, he is almost the same size as them anyway. he is a giant goat-dolt and he is way too big to be bugging the little guys!

i wrote a sign on the hay shed says..."the hay knives go here"..this is so i am not crawling around the hay shed in the dark to find what new surprize spot the knives are in now.

some idiot dog banged open the cat run door and now it is freezing in here. the mp building is freezing also cuz that door was open too. how many kilowatts in heat did we pay for today while heating wide open rooms? i shudder to think.

shelley said jesse almost got her today...he can be such a double dick head. she was too fast for him but he gave it a good old dick-head dog try. you just cannot ever really trust that twisted up guy.

and sheila was taste tested by the little donkey-dolt..he did not bite as hard as he could have, but hard enough for sheila to know that he could bite her harder if he actually tried....some days that ziggy is a big baby brat too. no biting our friends ziggy..if you really have to bite, i will give you a list of who it is ok jesse or pete!

someone....i think it was webster.... broke my favorite mug that tammy made with a bunch of the animals pictures on it. i think it was webster cuz he has lately been a really klutzy in my face oaf...tonight he snagged my sweater with his claws while i was trying to whip my milk away and spilled said milk all over the floor. grhhh!

and why do the dogs pee exactly in the same spot that i just mopped up a couple of minutes ago? i was starting to think i was crazy...i just mopped that spot...didn't i???
the last thing i need is to be doubting my ability to effectively wield the mop.

damn it..i am a mopping PRO!

ok...tonight on my agenda is meds, diabetics, my personal laundry and a hot bath.

i dread the diabetics now cuz that little honey is a pain in the ass to stick a needle into. it is bad enough that i have to muzzle her but now she is starting to squirm and do somersaults. look here little are going to be poked so quit freaking out and let me do it as fast and painlessly as i possibly can.

i swear the house is spotless tonight..great job by the house cleaning crew and the mp room and the barn areas were also great (except for an open door and a missing hay knife or two!)

thank you everyone for caring for the animals so well on this very first day of the year..only 48 more warrior weekends to go before we get to start another full year!



On Saturday, Squirt let me pat him - not just a sneaking up/brushing my hand on him as he run by, but a nice little rub while he was sitting next to Larry. No more ankle bites for me????


I forgot to mention when I ratted out Jesse, that he gave me the Stink Eye the entire rest of the time I was there. He was disgusted with me.