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videos!!! Daphne's Delightful Day and I am a be a saint

Jenn  ·  Jan. 3, 2011

Well while Carol had a crummy day, Daphne had a wonderful day. Carol dropped Daphne off at my house early for a play date with all of her play date stuff (that I had requested): fleece blanket, 2 tennis balls, some stuffies, a collar, a leash, a coat, and some food.

Daphne started off with reacquainting herself with my house. She was here Christmas but she wanted to check things out all the same and this involved her doing some bad things like barking at my cat, stealing my underwear, and eating my snotty Kleenex from the bathroom garbage --ewww gross. I have had one of the worse cold ever the last 2.5 weeks and today I was just starting to feel better. So Daphne and I ate breakfast, played ball, went for a walk on the dyke--which she did not enjoy very much but people walking by kept commenting on how cute she looked and on our matching coats--which was pure coincidence or so mom tells me. Then Daphne was all tuckered out and so we started watching Benjamin Button and then Mom showed up to pick Daphne up and Daphne was very excited to see Mom!

I made a video about her day (and as promised after Bambi 2's video which you all said was too sad ... here is a happy video :)

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As I am starting to feel better I am planning on doing a picture post soon so stay tuned.

**OK I just threw this together-it took 5 mins to make but 30 mins to upload to youtube. I think it is a riot ... literally haha.

Welcome to SAINTS rescue mayham. The party starts with Sydney and Hootie playing with a santa hat, things are pretty wild and out of control. I am just an innocently observing it all with my camera of course. The party really gets started when Pheobe goes wild with a pink sqeaky toy but then she drops it and the fun is over--which is probably for the best anyways.


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Carol Ann

stupid dial up i can't view videos --get me out of the dark ages. agh

Amy M

Too funny that Daphne so reminds me of my dashie, who is FIVE months old!

Loved the video :)


Lol good one Mauro.. I had the same thoughts...

Jenn , OMG that song You Belong To Me, is my parents song... they have been married 58 years this March and it may sound melancholy in this version, however the words are wonderful & it means a lot to me and you made me cry


Sorry to be a pest Carol, but I am back with the link for all the Pepsi Project voters that would consider supporting this very worthwhile rescue group based out of Victoria, BC but they also help communities on norther Vancouver Island as well, if the link doesn't work they are in the $10K Food & Shelter. THANK YOU and congrats on your 1st place win!!

Jenn Hine

haha yes I could re-name it to that mom perhaps more appropriate. Please note who the trouble makers are: hootie, forrest and Pheobe. I think Esther looks like a thug by the way laying there with her crippled "crew."


I like how the word "killing" casually pops up on Daphne video like its a cute word! Daphne is a Hine for sure. I think Phoebe is too.


ok..i am already exhausted just from watching that video....freaking dogs..the title SHOULD be..."i'm a be..a pain in the ass!"


What a wonderful video! Daphne definitely had a good time. I always love how a dog's blankets have to be "just so." As for the jumping, we call that bunny hopping. My dog, Precious, always does that when I come home of go for the leash (and she is 14). Keep the videos coming. This one put a BIG SMILE on my face and in my heart.


i am a thinkin we could hire you out to make video's of people's pets as a fundraiser for saints!


haha ok I just made another video that is for sure to make you laugh ... no doubt stay tuned uncut and unedited! It takes longer to upload it to Youtube then it did to make it .. sigh


Loved the video which was well done. I agree the music was a tad depressing but it doesn't take away from the video.


um Daphne loves you too Mom and I am not taking her when I get my own place because her home is with you. She loves motoring around that farm. But I will take her for play dates in the future. She was very excited to see you when you picked her up. The music is whatever is on my computer so for Bambi the song was a Moby song and for this video it is a Bob Dylan song, which I don't think is depressing its perfect it fits it well its thoughful.


This made me smile - a lot! Thank you for sharing your delightful day. I love the jumping scenes too. Your mum is right - you two were made for each other! And, I loved the music!

Linda de J.

Watched again. I love the "jumping" scenes. She looks soooo happy! What good dog!

Linda de J.

I just love this video. OMG! You are so talented!
Daphne is one of those heart dogs that makes one want to fall to their knees and weep!! (Sorry, if I may be going a little over board but can't help it!!). You have away of capturing the essence of things.
Thank you!
I wonder, what music did you use for this and for the Bambi2 video (which was hauntingly appropriate?


ok..that made me cry..she really should be living with you. as soon as you get your own place..both she and i will be on you like a couple of dirty shirts jenn..that dog loves you!