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cats cradle cat rescue needs votes for the next pepsi challenge round!!

Carol  ·  Jan. 4, 2011

17.Sorry to be a pest Carol, but I am back with the link for all the Pepsi Project voters that would consider supporting this very worthwhile rescue group based out of Victoria, BC but they also help communities on norther Vancouver Island as well, if the link doesn’t work they are in the $10K Food & Shelter. THANK YOU and congrats on your 1st place win!!


Carol Ann

I'll vote too I'm used to being highly frustrated every day by this stupid dial up. I think I would miss it lol


Thank you Helga and Tracy for your votes. Cats Cradle is run by volunteers only, so they really could use the funding! I am so happy their application was approved and they have a chance....their vet bills are sky high as their priority is helping rescue animals with medical issues.


Hey Louise...I'm a northern BC resident who supports Turtle Gardens and found the SAINTS blog from a link on their website.
Just to let you know I am voting for Cat's Cradle in the Pepsi Challenge.
I sure hope you are as successful as my two favourite animal rescue places...Turtle Gardens and SAINTS!!!
Best of luck.


Thank you so much for posting that Carol, not sure if the link above will take you directly there, but all the loyal voters know to just sign into their Pepsi Project account and you will find them in $10K, Food and Shelter. I am not great with posting links for some reason....I see lots of great animal rescue groups entered in all different categories, I wish they all could win!