Rescue Journal

i was checking out the new photo's that jenn posted on saints face book....

Carol  ·  Jan. 4, 2011

and i love this one of pete and dorothy!!


(hey pete...does my foot look big to you?)



Peter and Dorothy are great cats, all the medical guys are great. Dorothy is so sweet, all she wants is food, pets, comfy blankets and more pets.


I never thought I would say this ... but perhaps Carol can show you how ... lol.


How come I cant see the photos when I go & sign in on facebook ... Whaaaaa


oh yes that is the one where I was cleaning the MP building and Tammy came and got me and told me to followe her with my camera and then she took me to the medical room and said look ... u should take a picture of pete and dorthy sitting together in the chair :) so thank Tammy.