Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 5, 2011

phoebe just jumped down from her bed up next to the tv...trotted over to her closet door, reached up with both feet and banged on it and then looked straight at me.....i let her in and tucked her blanket around and over her in her chair.

hah! someone likes her closet bedroom!
yay phoebe!



No one said Phoebe is stupid - but let's be real; she's no genius! I still think her name should have been Sybil - that would fit her many personalities better. Sorry Tammy, you can dress her up, but can you take her anywhere???

Linda de J.

That dog is so incredibly of those genius dogs that comes along every so often. She is a remarkable!! and yes, she has issues just like most Hollywood star geniuses.


I think I'll be out there tomorrow to give it to her and get a picture. Its nice and soft so she should like it.


Good for Phebes. Glad she has her own area.
I have a new chenille sweater for her. She'll look smashing in it.