Rescue Journal

the nose always knows....

Carol  ·  Jan. 5, 2011

i picked up honey from the vets on the way home..her blood sugar curve was pretty good but we will up her just one more unit. she needs to go back in next week for a follow up curve so she won't be going home this weekend which sucks if you ask both me and her!

pixie is on IV's but she did eat a bit at the vets. it looks like maybe one of her last tooth extraction sites abcessed and formed a sinus tract. they have cleaned it all out and will have a better look tomorrow and wait for the blood work to come back in case it is something else.

jingles had her big dental today...oh the poor little baby lost a total of NINETEEN freaking teeth! she wins the saints biggest total of numbers of dog teeth pulled (not including some of the cats who had full mouth extractions)...but she did very well and is glad to be home and the staff even fixed up her crappy haircut for her!

tammy has made 3 new poster picture boards for our community events...they are wonderful...GREAT JOB tammy!!!!

and finally my sensitive nose story for today...

i live by my nose...i can smell diabetics as soon as they start to go ketotic...i can smell imminent death too..i can smell infection and i can smell some kinds of cancers...and of course i can smell pee and poop.

i come home tonight and i enter the house...hmm..i smell i go around and clean it i can smell pee so i go looking for any hidden sign of this.

ok thats better and i start letting the dogs out and in and out and in and out and in. finally i make it to perdy...i set up her throw rugs, i clear the room of extra bodies and i let her have her turn out too. while she is out there, i flip a bunch of baskets laundry is nicely folded...clean? nope peed on..i bet the students nicely folded the dirty bedding before they sent it up to the laundry area...students are sometimes funny like that!

then i went to let perdy in and as i was closing the door..i got a whiff of smoke. there a fire at saints? a neighbor burning their wood stove..ok so my nose is not reliable enough to be sure either way.

so i go looking...i search thru the house..all is well inside of here...i head out to the barn without my boots and walk thru the flooding in the back yard, freezing my feet.

i check the chicken coops...they are ok...i open the main barn doors, turn on the lights, don't see anything but carefully sniff the air. all seems well in there. i head out behind the barn to check the shavings/hay and feed sheds..with that new electricity out there..they may be an issue i guess. no fire out there so that is good.

i go over to the mp building and i wander thru each and every room...with my head up and my nose sniffing so i don't miss any subtle whiff of smoke. last building i check is the shop..i go in and look around and head up to the smell of smoke in there either.

ok so the smoke i smelled is not from saints so now that i proved this to myself i feel much better...but my wet and soggy feet are freaking freezing!

cold wet feet are a small price to pay for peace of mind for me.

i wish peace of mind was always so cheap!

AND i wish my nose knew the difference between wood burning stove and burning wood building smoke!
oh well.



Lol this reminds me of the time ( way back ) when the Fire department was called cuz the manure pile was smoking .. I chuckled cuz they all smolder as they compost.. but was choked that I missed the firemen.. come to think of it.. the fire guys have been there probably 4 times over the years and I AM NEVER THERE.. new rule for SAINTS... if you happen to have a reason to call the fireguys.. call Mo too !!