Rescue Journal

i am ok...they are ok...i guess that is an ok way to end today.

Carol  ·  Jan. 6, 2011

pixie is wasn't an is a fistula pocket that goes from her gum up into the nasal really is not surgically repairable but it can be managed with long term antibiotics and flushing out the pocket after each meal.
not sure if her new home will still be interested in her..i guess when they get back we'll see.

new dogs in...both from animal control.

tucker was up for euthanization yesterday...but when it came time to take him in...none of the staff wanted to be the one to load him up for his final trip. so they sat around and talked about it and decided even tho they know we are full, to give us a call.

tucker is a healthy looking 12 yr old shep cross and he is a REALLY nice dog. the problem was not only was he fully blind but his very painful eyes were literally bugging out of his head. it is hard enough to adopt out a large 12 yr old plain jane mixed breed dog...add (or subtract)...his gotta go thousand dollar eyes and tucker was not going to be very high in demand. like i was going to be the one to say no..go ahead and nuke him instead. anyway..he is already at our vets and those eyes will be out by late tomorrow...can't let a perfectly good blind dog die cuz he needs his eyes out i guess.

then there is a little one with mammary tumours and not very many teeth in her head. they called her tiny...i have changed her to mini-me. she looks to be a yorkie-poo cross and is totally sweet. she was dropped off at the vets too and she had her blood work in anticipation of the mammary tumour removal. i picked her up after work when i got pixie and she is currently at home here in one of the play pens bitching non stop to get out.
oh god...another little bossy bed buddy...yay.

frodo and cali got dropped off at the vets today...frodo is getting his matts shaved and it serves him right because he is an absolute biting bastard to brush. and cali is having her basal cell lesions removed off her neck tomorrow so renee dropped both of them off after her shift so i don't have to do it on my way into work tomorrow.

yikes we are is too sad now...ain't no one getting in here that someone is not reluctantly having to kill and that puts so much added pressure on us.

but i just can't wrap my head around a good dog dying because his painful and useless eyes need to be sucked out or a little sweet one needs her tumours cut out.....and this is why we are always too full....oh...AND broke!

welcome tucker and mini-me... while you will both soon feel better...i am developing a chronic stress headache....given your options i bet you think that me having a headache is pretty much ok....and you are probably right but it still freaking well hurts!



Wow. Just yesterday, after your post about all the vet work that had gone on, I almost wrote - and no one got their eyes sucked out? Holy cow!

Hope it wasn't that thought that jinxed you into having to do it a day later!


I'll be happy to have you with me on Sunday, Carol Ann; and am looking forward to meeting Tucker and Mini- me too. Good to hear about Sweetie and Harold. - and I hope Pixie's new prospective home is still interested. She is a sweetheart. Carol, I hope your headache disappears soon - not much wonder you have one with all that's on your mind. Overload for sure! See you Sunday.

Carol Ann

Can't wait to meet the new dogs. POOR THINGS. Sweetie is doing great -she had a bath today and was the total lady she always is. foot is healing nicely and I think she is finally getting used to having a missing toe. She gained 3 pounds since Dec 18. Harold is still itchy but loves his new food. It will probably take some time to work but his gas situation is greatly improved. yeah. And Precious and Archer are taking it all very very well. :) I will be in on Sunday the 9th.