Rescue Journal


Nicole  ·  Jan. 8, 2011

no names. I'll have them named by the time they make it out to saints.

these 3 little Vancouver chickens were brought into emerg this morning after their coop caught fire/was smoking. The heat lamp was left too close to their hay. The owners couldn't afford any treatment and our only option was euthanasia as there is no one set up to take these guys in. Thankfully I knew I could try and twist Carol's arm. who could say no to these faces.
There is a fourth little one brought in. He was found in the centre of all the smoke, he has lost some feathers and is singed a bit here and there. He's in an incubator with oxygen right now, not sure if he's going to make it.
They've all had fluids and pain meds. The 3 in the picture are bright and happily eating their mushy pellets. They'll stay at emerg overnight and I'll be bringing them out to saints tomorrow afternoon so K.O will have a few new friends to look after.



I like Gene Simmons or Jean Simmons (if a girl). How about Annie Lennox for the red? Elvira is good for the black one. Just a thought. In either case, welcome teenage chickens. Of course, they can always be named Amber, Cinder, Ash(ly), etc.


Hi guys, if the coop needs some repairs don't forget Brent is on site next Sunday, the 16th. If there's anything special he might need to bring with him just send an email during the week. See you next weekend.
I like the Gene Simmons suggestion for names. Do you have platform shoes for them?


not to worry..they won't be going out for a couple of weeks at least...first they have to recover and next week a huge snow fall is expected...i will be giving them one of the medical room pens.


i forgot to mention on the phone carol, the empty coop might need some minor renovating tomorrow unless we are able to keep them in the bunny room or somewhere else indoors until they are 100% and big enough.
zoe and i will be out with them sometime around 12 or 1pm.


How about naming them after cereals? Like Cheerios, Special K., Muffets, or Wheaties, Shreddies, or Fruit Loops? I'll see them tomorrow too.


They are very cute little ones, but I think the black and white one looks a little like Gene Simmons from the "KISS" band!!!Welcome feathered friends.