Animal Updates

the four new fire scorched chicks are here

Carol  ·  Jan. 9, 2011

they are just babies....too small for one of the rabbit pens so we put them into a cage. these little ones have suffered from minor burns and smoke inhalation, one of them has blood in her poop....not sure if they will all survive..depends on how much damage there was to their lungs because they are going to be very susceptable to infection over the next few weeks.

the only rule i am making as far as their names are concerned is that they have to be easy to remember cuz i am just not into remembering complicated is simply too hard for me with 130 animals running around here.

the cutest little chicks ever!

we put ray in with betty white....can't say that either one is hugely happy but they are getting along pretty well. so at least with the new chicks arrival, we finally have all rabbits out of cages and onto the floor in pens, (except for the little black boys... but they did not like being down on the i am not counting them)...anyway this makes me really happy....and no more rabbits are getting in here again!

cali is doing ok...she is sleeping quite a bit..but she is comfortable in her recovery cage and not asking to get out of it. she is eating everything we give her so that is good too. frodo spent the day in the mp room...he wanted out of the shop but did not want to hang out outside in the snow so he spent the day napping on the loveseat...the dogs didn't mind and frodo was content and comfortable.

zoe and nicole brought a bunch of xmas donations out from vancouver today...daphne got a new sock monkey..there were a ton of treats and some really great sweaters and thank you so much lory for the donations and the book!
nicole brought taz out with her...she looks very happy, healthy and pretty confident now too...good job nicole!

Daphne just loves sock monkeys


i found by the end of the afternoon i was starting to feel tired and cranky...i guess i am getting old but i just needed for the dogs to settle and sleep for a bit so i could wind down a little bit too. the barn guys are all in bed now, the animals are all quiet and sleeping and i am just toddering here and there switching around the laundry.

big looks like a peaceful evening.....i think we are all tired tonight.

i just wanted to say something to vancouverites that are considering having a small backyard flock of hens to raise their own eggs. now that the city allows it..i don't think it is a bad thing IF folks understand the responsibility and are prepared to give their chickens a nice and safe place to live including a good solid warm and appropriately sized inside and outside coop. they also have to feed them well and take them to the vet if they get sick and they have to be prepared to really care for them well for the rest of their lives too.

chickens are not things to get, neglect and then toss away. they require the same kind of consideration in living respected, dignified, comfortable and quality lives as any other living being.

our four little smoke damaged babes are adorable and sweet...but they were always a big responsibility...and they will continue to be a big responsibility for the rest of their lives.

Chickens need care too


welcome little ones, may you all grow strong, healthy and live very happy lives. lets get these wee ones named...i believe nicole has named one of the brown ones..henny penny and one of the black ones joan somebody or other...i will just call them henny and joan, that is easy enough for one more little brown babe and one more little black babe still need to be named.



Hey where did you get those sock monkey' dog Chevy would love one of those....although I don't know how long it would last.....before he ripped the stuffing out....but hell worth a try :) :0


Those are great names & they are so sweet. I'm with Lisa about HATING this new by-law .. good god look how so many of the human race treat what is supposed to be Man' best Friend.. and these guys are seen as just part of what we call our food chain.. most do not/and will not see them as feeling creatures.. will their coops be kept clean.. will the food be kept secure... I predict many chickens will live & die horribly and Vancouver will have a rodent problem like they have never seen before.


i like Shelley's 2 additions.
Brown 1 Henny Penny
Brown 2 Ginger
Black 1(big head) Joan (Jett)
Black 2 Camilla


Joan Jet mother ... I cannot believe you don't know who she is. Joan Jet and the Runaways and then Joan Jet and he Black Hearts!


thx louise...i see on the website that returns can happen if shortly after adoption...after that it says that the rescue is given first option if the animal cannot be kept any longer.

can you clarify please... i know the spca has a one year return policy and some of the rescues are following suit by limiting their return policies too...i think this is because they may not currently have foster homes or room at their shelters?

first option is confusing to me about what it actually means....i am assuming it means the right of refusal if deemed necessary?


I HATE the new Vancouver chicken bylaw.....I have had so many emails form people who no longer want their chickens or bought males instead of females so the males have to go. I can imagine it will only get worse.

I have been collecting the emails to give to council. I wrote the Courier about it but I guess it's not news worthy.


I just wanted to say thanks to all who are voting for Cats Cradle 10K in the Pepsi Project, we are still #1 and I know you all are helping keep us there. Carol is amazing in all she does for the animals...Bev Archer, founder of Cats Cradle lives her life devoted to animals as well. Carol, if you have any cats needing homes, Bev has posted on the Pepsi page that she is willing to help any rescue take a few more cats. She mainly takes in senior cats with medical/behaviourial issues so no matter the reason, just let her know and maybe she can help out.


Carol, how old are the Classy chicks - I need to know for my essay and I forgot to ask that very simple question. Also, did they come to SAINTS in July of 2010?

There is a huge difference in the classy chicks from the first time I saw them. They are not so flighty (not at all flighty) when I entered their pen. They are not exactly social with people but feel safe enough that they don't have either run away from me or come running to investigate me. I was just a part of their environment - safe enough to ignore. And some of them are now clucking (I think at least half of them were) which was nice to hear which means some of them are happy. It was very peaceful spending time around them.

Kathy, can you tell the difference between any of them yet facial wise?