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SAINTS Love Everyday

Jenn  ·  Jan. 10, 2011

This is a collection of clips I have taken at SAINTS and mashed together of just the everyday loving happening at here.

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You can watch all of the SAINTS videos I have made here at the SAINTSsancturary Youtube channel.



yay! great video jenn! such a joy to see everyone so happy and playful! thinking of you all always! so nice to have a sneak peak of daily going ons! thank you! much love, wendy


ok I will see what we can do but it will be hard to take a 45 min tour and get it down to 10 mins because it is difficult to upload anything more than 10 mins. Perhaps Laura would be willing to do a tour series and I can hand over my handyca, to her and she can narrate ... laura are you in?


I 3rd the idea of a virtual video tour! Great way to get support. Also I love your choice of songs Jenn, they are like adding a script to the video.


nothing is EVER easy! you definitely do not need a lot of moisture in the barn... stuff will start to rot.
And YEA for the idea of a virtual tour for those of us who live in wretched TN, USA... like a zillion miles away. Please feature Ziggy and Larry heavily! Thx.
What if the roofers put in a couple of those attic fans we use here in humidville, USA... the ones that look like giant mushrooms on your roof? If they put them on a switch you could use them as needed.


Jenn I think you should go around with Laura one weekend and do a "virtual tour" to post on the blog for those that do not live within visiting distance


honestly..i haven't picked up the vaporizer yet..i am thinking on it but we already have a huge moisture problem in the barn and i am afraid to add to it. right now he doesn't need it so i have time to try to figure it out...i am thinking i should just get roof vents put in and see if that helps.

i have to have the roofers out anyway to fix the leak in the house so i will get them to see about venting the barn roof at the same time and maybe the moisture problem will be solved.

oh why is nothing ever just simple and easy???


he is beyond cute!!! I loved watching him prance around!!! what a happy little boy, thanks to you Carol! does he still "help" you put the barn guys to bed each night? did santa leave him his vaporizor under the tree?
and i crave more Larry! I adore those two from afar.