Rescue Journal

i am not too happy with all of the snow today...

Carol  ·  Jan. 12, 2011

looks like we got about 6 inches and while it is very pretty to look just means more work for everyone...or maybe i should say for someone(s)....first call in today...down one staff person so far....we shall see if anyone else makes it in to work today...i might well be "it"...oh well... i should know within the next hour and we shall see how much today actually sucks.

in the mean time..i am trying to decide if i can risk going down the hill for breakfast...there are things i need up here milk for the cats and fruit for the barn that i should have picked up yesterday. might be a good way to test my new little car in some pretty decent long as i can get back up the hill!

oh how adventuresome am i today?...hmmm i wonder...they must have plowed stave lake....mission is pretty good that way.

helga just called she said it is raining and freezing down the hill right now...hmmm again...that might change things a bit....icy roads when going down really steep hills can be tricky.

big sigh...i am so not a big snow fan with so many animals to care for while living up on little just makes life doubly difficult.

i am pretty sure the only folks who truly like snow are the ones who have nothing that they actually have to do when it snows really hard.

i wish i had nothing to do today.

update...yay!!! ryan made it...eryk is coming to help...dionne made it (after carol anne went and picked her up from where she was stuck) and helga is here too....we are going to be ok won't suck too badly...ok it will still suck quite a lot cuz it is HARD working in a ton of wet and heavy snow but still..yay for the winter warriors!


Carol Ann

congrats Mo on staying out of the ditches in your new van. Dionne wasn't so lucky but no harm done except for $ and frustration. Enjoy and be safe.


The van is great.. I just have to remember I am not driving standard ( my arms & legs are reaching out for things that just aren't there ) and this vehicle is Oh.. 4 ft longer than my little matchbox parking is....interesting, and last night I actually drove around without my lights on... I will make time to read that manual this evening..


i would just as soon pass on this will give other groups a chance to move up and i for one am tired of voting and competing...a break would be nice for a bit. folks are free to vote for us if they want since we are on the list of shelters but i would rather not...i know it sounds horrible but i am contest burnt out.


trying to gaet on the shelter callenge cant will not bring saints up. last time i just clicked on the name but not this time help.


Hey Everyone, The shelter challenge is going again....good luck SAINTS!!!

Carol Ann

wow I'm impressed i called him at 10:30 and at 12:30 my long curved driveway is totally clear and dionne's car is out of the ditch and parked where it should be. Larry Fielding Truck and Backhoe service on Dewdney// reasonable cost too. He gets my vote today :) 604 826-8225

Carol is more than 6 inches of snow here too..i was underestimating before i actually stepped outside and sunk halfway up to my far the only fatality was our very lovely metal gazebo...sadly it twisted and crashed under the weight of the snow...that thing is now totally scrap metal...i guess i should have taken the cover off...ooops.

Carol Ann

we got more like a foot of snow up here poor dionne new snow tires and going nowhere. She was gonna walk lol. lucky my car is great but we had to shovel a lot of snow to get it out of the carport. took over an hour but we did it yea


and the Ssints come marching in.. way to go everyone!! We had a whack of snow in Maple Ridge.. I swear more than 6 inches.. and me on my very first morning drving my new vehicle... I thought I was going to throw up.