Rescue Journal

maybe things are getting a bit better...

Carol  ·  Jan. 13, 2011

the shop is done...not a deep, into every corner done...but tidied, swept and organized and it no longer makes me want to scream. ryan and avery helped me for the last hour and then it all came together pretty quickly. tammy and i took a stuffed full van load off to the dump...just moving that out helped quite a lot.

molly 2 is home again....she is a bit upset at getting brought back, but oh well..that is the way that it goes. she was confined quite a bit in her foster home so she really can't complain all that much, at least she can wander around here. AND mo may have a potential home for her...a long time friend who years ago ended up with a couple of those rotti's from kathy coopers kennel when she passed away (that is where jazz and jesse1 came from too.) anyway..those rotti's have passed on too and he is looking for a friend for his current rotti guy....who knows...maybe it will be molly2.
anyway..she can't be all that upset cuz she has only been home for 20 minutes and is already back up on the couch. jelly was sure glad to see her...she kept winging her stuffy bunny in mollys face to show off her favorite toy.

i opened tucker's pen door today and divided off the mp room with an xpen...that dog is so tired of being confined, he is a bit happier with more room but he still wants more company too! so far so good..none of the dogs seem too upset with his closer contact with them.

if all goes well, i am taking tomorrow off and hiding out in the hideaway suite for the day...if all goes well.....

what a drippy, soggy, foggy, slushy day...i feel it in my bones...there is a mud problem brewing with all of this snow and this rain!