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busy day in the senior animal world...

Carol  ·  Jan. 14, 2011

today alone there were 3 dogs, 5 cats, and 2 horses asking to come to saints.....maybe one of the dogs and 2 of the cats can come in...down the road...but not right now.

i did get my day off..i watched a couple of movies and had lunch with mo but i am irritable and hot flashing all over the place...menopause truly sucks.

the chicks are fine and they got moved over to the bird pen..i hung their heat lamp for them tonight.....tucker is ok..had a small amount of bleeding from one of his eye suture sites but that has stopped so that is good..he must have bumped it on something. mini-me is being a needy pain in the ass. she has started stalking me...and that tiny little bugger has started chasing the cats. molly2 is totally settled again, she is quite relaxed so that is good, i don't feel bad about hauling her butt back into here.

back to work tomorrow on the early shift...crappola...4 diabetics and a ton of cleanups to do before i leave at 6 am.....this weeks holidays were not long enough. i am more bagged then when they started a week ago...i should have taken 2 weeks instead. we must have done almost a dozen vet runs and close to a half a dozen major surgeries....there were 4 new fire damaged chicks, two new dogs, 2 staff sick/snow days where we were short staffed and 3? deaths as well..betty boop, baby joan jett chick and happy gilmore, i think that was it....tough week all around.

hmmm...maybe vacation days are not such a great thing after all. but i did get a day off and the shop is clean so i guess it was alright in some ways too.

i don't know what dixie chick just thought she was doing..she came wandering out of the back cat rooms into the computer room, toddled around and then left again. i think i have had that cat for 9 years now....she is still totally wierd and i do not understand her at all....and she still doesn't like me either. frodo enjoyed my day off today..he hung out with me in the comfy chair.
i got really mad at bambi2 tonight for chasing winter around....she KNOWS that just pisses me off but i guess she forgot til i was in her face then she decided to go back to dog.

all of these freaking ancient animals here...and all of those freaking ancient ones trying to get is totally insane. how many elderly animals are there in the world anyway? seems like a lot to me lately.


Carol Ann

good article/// closer to home Tucker is a sweetheart..
beautiful dog and his looks didn't bother me at all well not after a few seconds of shock He is sweet , affecionate, and lively, has beautiful feet and likes chest and tummy rubs. So happy he didn't have to die. what a shame that things like that happen to such nice dogs. Thanks again Carol for saving him.


Hi, you've probably already seen this but there was a nice article in the Richmond News about Turtle Gardens. Here's a link: