Animal Updates

i am going to apologise in advance...

Carol  ·  Jan. 15, 2011

to tomorrows weekend warriors...the bad news is..there is no way i am going to get thru all of the laundry in the house and the shop..maybe the house but for sure not the shop!
i have put thru 3 loads out there but really needed to get back into here to do my other stuff. the good news is..i am pretty sure every single blanket, towel and fleece was stripped and changed today so hopefully you won`t have to change much tomorrow...hopefully most will just need a shake out and a re-fold!

and don`t worry about trying to get all of todays left over stuff done...i will try to do a few more loads of it again tomorrow after work.

todays news...molly2 has gone out on a trial foster to adopt..there is some vet stuff i want to look at with her again before anything becomes final. she went home with mo`s friend and his rotti is a good solid, dog savy, dog friendly home so i am really hoping it all works out. i will let you know how she does.

i watched ellie on my lunch break get totally frustrated with ziggy and his teasing and bugging ways...she hit pig high speed and chased him around a few times to remind him of his manners around pig princesses..he has no respect for royalty....ziggy is a pesky peasant at heart.


but speaking of pigs...wilber and herman are becoming good friends...during the daytime they are startiing to share ellie`s bed...apparently great pigs think alike!

three more cats trying to get into here today....sorry, no way.
jenn and laura did a side by side walk with tucker and dusty went well. i am pretty sure by the time we get his sutures out, we can take the xpen down and he can join the blind girls free in that room.


great job today to all of the volunteers...everywhere i went when i got home, i was met by happy, content and comfortable animals.

we are taking on a new foster dog...long story which i will get to tomorrow. she is already in a foster home so we will just take over the rescue responsibilities until she finds a good home. her name is missy and i will meet her tomorrow on my lunch break...ha ha..inbetween setting up for and admitting oliver the 4 yr old diabetic cat, doing everyones meds and cleaning the mp room and medical room guys!

my vacation was busy..looks like my lunch break will be even busier...apparently i am just a busy (not so) little bee!

and this is why i am a good person...i have no time to be a pain in the ass!

oh well..i actually don`t mind...i happen to really like caring for is better than reading the national enquirer on my lunch there is a total waste of any kind of spare time!


Nicole N

Today was great. Watching Ziggy boot around the field and Ellie digging giant holes with her snout!!! I love that donkey and I love that pig. And I love the new hairstyle that Percy gave me with his tongue. Actually... I love all those barn yard animals. I never thought I'd fall in love with so many animals in my life. So much for ever eating meat again.


Keeping my fingers crossed for Molly2's trial foster. It would be so wonderful for her if it works out for everyone concerned. Please please.... let it be!