Rescue Journal

it was easier to get bibi up this morning and out for a pee...

Carol  ·  Jan. 16, 2011

he is still not great, but he is better.

if you can today..try to keep the little buggers from congregating in the kitchen so there are not a bunch of extra bodies (with leaking bladders) in there...right now i just have bibi, squirt, mandy and maude in there and they are all sleeping...everyone else is in the computer room.

sigh...bibi and perdy's back ends are getting weaker every day....and when they are not being pain in the asses...they are both such very great dogs!


the vet clinic where oliver (the new diabetic cat) has been cared for sent an email update last night...apparently his blood sugars are not very well controlled so i guess we will be working on that with him...he arrives at noon today. when i get home for lunch i will set up a holding cage for him in the back cat room..if he gets here before me just leave him in the carrier til i get home.

IMPORTANT...can someone please check wilma as soon as they get to saints this morning...her blood sugars were too low this morning...i gave her some extra food to bump them up but i am worried about her...any concerns please call me on my cell.




Bibi did seem better today :) Yay Bibi !! Perdy was pretty mobile too but pissed off we ran out of pirate cookies! Hehe


I just donated $20, I know that's not much but it's the most I can afford. I am a student!

You do great work Carol, keep it up.